Getting Older

The summer, for our house, is chock full of birthdays.  Sarah starts it off today turning a whopping 17. Rich and I have birthdays in July, and Andrew and Bella are a week apart in August.  This poses a few problems, not the least being the breaking our summer bank account.

First, I have to be on my birthday game. I love love love birthdays.  I love making birthdays special and this is hard on my brain when so many are so close together.  The second issue is more a matter of the heart. I have to watch my family (and myself) get older all within a 3 month span. It is hard for me to look back and see how much the kids have changed and how amazing and independent they are becoming.  I am so proud and happy, but it is hard because I love being a mom and as each year goes by the less momming they need.

I was very excited when Sarah told us that she wanted to have some friends over this evening for her birthday.  I started looking at Pinterest to see what cool stuff I can do. I started planning my baking of her favorite red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and the menu for dinner. You can imagine my utter devastation when she informed Rich and I that she only wanted a few pizzas (and a bag of Doritos), it was only “hanging out”, and there would be no singing of happy birthday or blowing out candles. The child didn’t even want a cooler full of sodas and ice, she said they could drink the sodas warm.

Oh great why don’t we just eat off of non matching paper plates.

I wonder if I can get my deposit back on the bounce house and pony rides…

She finally agreed to a cooler full of soda (and ice) and a cake with candles and a round of Happy Birthday.

She loves me after all.

Don’t even get me started on presents.  Bella still gives me a birthday wish list, but Sarah and Andrew are at the “cash only” stage.

Sarah, today, will get some cash to spend at our afternoon at the mall, a few presents to open, a “hang out” only, and pizza and a bag of Doritos.

I will get a decorated birthday cake, cold sodas, and matching paper plates.  I will also get the privilege of spending the day with this beautiful birthday girl.

IMG_2406Considering those days are quickly coming to an end, I was happy to compromise.

OK, heart, one down…four to go.

More Later


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