I Need to Pace Myself

After cleaning the house, cleaning out the front hall closet, rearranging the furniture in the loft, a trip to Costco (if you have forgotten how much I hate Costco simply click here) and Target, registering for my last class, and cooking a dang good dinner I feel that I have thoroughly scared my family.  I know the girls spent the day worrying that I would enter their room and start issuing orders (that is coming).  When Rich and I sat down to watch the NBA Finals after cleaning up the kitchen from dinner I looked at him and said that I really couldn’t just sit there and needed to keep working in the loft.  He looked at me and asked me if I wanted his help and I told him no and he said “good because I really want to watch this game”.

Bless his heart.

I did sit down long enough to see the end and I am so happy for former Arizona Wildcat Steve Kerr!!

While I was sitting there enjoying the game I realized that I really don’t need to do everything on my to do list all in one day.  I really do need to pace myself.  This past year was such a busy one that when I had a day “off” I totally went white tornado and got stuff done.  I realize now that I can go a little slower.  Those of you who know me are thinking, yeah right.

You all just watch, I am going to have some fun this break too!!  Today Bella and I are going to see Pitch Perfect 2 and I renewed my base privileges card so we are gonna have some Point Mugu beach days.


Just don’t look to closely at my extremely long “to do” list.

More Later


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