Well hello there!!  It is summer and I am determined to start my regular summer blog again.


I got back from my whirlwind vacation yesterday (details to follow) and as much as I love love love vacation I also love love love being home.  So today is the first day of my regular summer break. Being a teacher I have the summer “off”. Now before you think for a second that I will be sitting on my couch eating bon bons you really don’t know me. Granted I will not be moving at the crazy pace I had been, but I now have the time to reflect on my past year and do what I need to do to make the next year even better for me and my students.  I will finish my English Learners class, cook again, clean, organize, putz, and spend time with the girls and Rich.  

Yes now there is the Amy we all know (that Bon Bon girl just doesn’t exist). 

I have a quote in my classroom that says “Only a fool trips on what is behind them”- Anonymous. I love this quote and firmly believe and promote living in the moment and putting your effort and energy towards forward motion. However, reflection is also a big part of my teaching and life philosophy.  I use reflection in my teaching as I believe when we look back we can learn so much and this effects our future choices. 

 In my personal life I have this awesome journal called A Line A Day Journal.  This journal allows me to see what went down on this day for the past five years.  Every day when I sit to write today’s thought and events I can see what was happening in the past. Everytime I do this I either smile at the memory or am so thankful for my current situation. As you can imagine looking and reflecting this past year I spent a lot of time being thankful for my current situation. 

This past year was truly like drinking from a fire hose, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that when I look back on it this year I will smile from all the all the memories.  I can’t wait to share some of them with you and other random stuff. 

More later


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