Assignment #17 – Listening Level 2

Your assignment is to listen to this two selections and compare and contrast them. I would like you to address more about the songs themselves rather than the performance, however, you can comment on the performance aspects too. They are both Traditional South African songs.

This is Due Monday March 2, 2015 by 11:59 pm

Your answer should be 5 -7 sentences and in paragraph form and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page.  The assignment is worth 10 points.

Love you more than organic green beans (I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I love organic green beans)

6 thoughts on “Assignment #17 – Listening Level 2

  1. Both songs were great. I had fun just listening to the songs. The fist song expresses dynamics. The song would be quiet, at first, but then, it would be loud. The second song seemed fun for the choir to sing. The professor let them add some moves which made things more interesting. The added instrument made the song have a feeling. I liked both songs and they were greatly performed.

    • both songs were really good. the first song’s dynamics were very good. It was diverse like in the beginnig they would sing soft and then it would get louder. the second song was a more fun song tto sing. Their teacher would let them dance around witch made it fun to watch. the one thing that wasn’t as good was that the second song had the same loudness throughout the song. Still overall they were both good songs.

  2. The “Hallelujah” song:
    I like how they sang this song. They were very balanced when it came to the volume of the different sections of the choir who sang this song. The lower section was very present. The diction was pretty clear except for some low parts. The rhythm of the song was very precise.
    The “University and Middle School Choir’s” song:
    They sounded very nice. The diction was very good I can hear the pronunciation of the words. They were able to stay within the rhythm. Although I could not hear the lower register. THEY LOOKED KIND OF DEAD.

  3. Both choirs did a great job. The first choir used more dynamics in a very subtle way whereas the second choir stayed at one volume most of the time. The second choir’s song was much more upbeat. They used staccato notes in the main melody which is very different from the lengthy held out notes of the first choir. And the sounds of each choir were very different. The first gave off a very full sound that sounded very united while the second sounded together but you could hear the different sections more clearly than the other. Both performances were enjoyable in their own way.

  4. Siyahamba is a very uplifting and fun song. the choir singing it was very energetic and portrayed the excitement building up well. Tsa Rona isn’t as fun, but it still sounds strong and the choir singing it had more people singing the lower part. it keeps all the energy throughout the song. both songs require lots of energy and to have an uplifting feel to them.

  5. Both were quite positive, enjoyable pieces. The first song executed vocal dynamics. The constant ups and downs in volume really helped express the tone and emotion in the piece. The second song was more upbeat and more consistent in melody and volume. More of party themed sounding song.

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