Assignment #17 – Listening – Level 1

Your assignment is to listen to this selection and critique the performance. Comment on the overall performance enjoyment.

This is Due Monday March 2, 2015 by 11:59 pm

Your answer should be 5 -7 sentences and in paragraph form and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page.  The assignment is worth 10 points.

Love you more than organic green beans (I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but I love organic green beans)

Mrs. R.

19 thoughts on “Assignment #17 – Listening – Level 1

  1. Personally, I really enjoyed this selection. I thought they all blended very nicely and really matched their vowels. I also really enjoyed the tone throughout the piece, in that they were always energized and never sounded wimpy. One thing I didn’t enjoy as much as everything else was the pop-ish sound of the group. It seemed a little odd at times but wasn’t all that bad. Overall, I really liked this piece 🙂

  2. Kudos to this group of male vocalists!! I thoroughly enjoyed this cover; it is sensational! At first I didn’t really find their head voices for the chorus as a good choice, but it began to grow on me. They blended perfectly, except for the bass. That was kind of weird and distracting. It really made me smile, and I could tell that they were having a good time throughout the piece. Even though I couldn’t see their smiles, I definitely heard them and felt them :D. I’m not sure if this is really important, but it did seem like they recorded each parts separately and blended the parts with technology and stuff. Which took away that organic lively feel to the cover. I guess it would have been nice to hear a live version, to see how they listen to each other, and blend during a performance.

  3. I enjoyed this very much. I was extremely amused with the way they were using their voices as instruments. Their voices harmonized very well and they put a lot of energy into their singing. Overall I enjoyed this selection.

  4. I thought the piece was pretty good. I thought it sounded pretty good but I think it could use some girl voices. I didn’t really like how it mainly one guy singing because I feel like it could have been a little more powerful. However the chorus sounded really cool with all the high voices. The snapping was kinda cool at that one part too. I also enjoyed the first picture of that elephant in the video, he looked like a pretty chill guy.

  5. I LOVE THIS PIECE!!! It was sooooo good. Okay so, it blended nicely together, they worked well as a group. It had a soft sound that just sounded good. I love the fact that it was strong all the way through. It kinda had a glee feeling but… better. I give this piece a 10/10. I loved it.

  6. I really liked how they sang the song. Everything flowed together. The way the a cappella was in the song nade it better.Their pitch was literally perfect. It seemed as if they never ran out of air and energy. I just didn’t like how they had no instruments maybe some congas would have made it sound better.

  7. I’m my opinion, this piece is great. I love this version, because it was really clear. The acapella part wasn’t as good as the original but overall I loved it. The energy was constantly calm throughout the entire song. I felt like there was no exact change in the power of the song.

  8. I really liked this version of Africa mostly because it sounded better with men singing it than women. It sounded smooth and I really enjoyed the solo. I liked the tone because it wasn’t deep and since guys were singing it didn’t sound height or girly in any way.I also like how it seems like this version of the song is original even though its not. In general I liked everything about the song

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this performance although a few things were off. I would have liked to hear more of an organized undertune during the instrumentals. The chorus felt a little strained probably because the mens voices don’t naturally go that high. The normal parts however sounded very clean and organized. I loved the break down near the end it really gave the song more depth.

  10. I really liked the song.It was uplifting and really cool. Khalif was at my house and he started dancing. Their mouths are very open and there is much energy. Everyone sounds in tune and it sounds beautiful. Overall this song is really pretty and i am excited to learn it.

  11. Well this song is perfect for africa or any wild life scene in a movie. If i owned a zoo this would be the main song i would play there. I like how they worrked together with their different tones of voices to make this song. Its relaxing and catchy, this would also be the song to play while doing yoga. This song is awsome, i love it and thei pitch is perfect.

  12. I thought this interpretation of Africa was very good. I thought all of the voices mixed together very well. I thought the vocalists all sounded good individually. I also thought that they made everyone else in the group sound better. Overall I really enjoyed this piece

  13. For the most part, the song sounded gnarly, dude. However, there were a few little baby mistakes.The backing vocals sounded a teeny bit cheesy. It would be cool to hear some vocal percussion in the mix as well. Apart from that, it was even more awesome than eating falafel on a sunday while puppies lick your feet. If we could sound like that, that would be pretty rad. We could probably get money for singing or something.

  14. I surprisingly enjoyed this piece. At first I thought that I wouldn’t like it but as time when on the song grew and grew on me. They did I wonderful job of singing this song, during the “solo” their voices sounded so beautiful. So bravo(:

  15. I really enjoyed this piece!!! Props to them for using all male voices! I thought they blended very well and I loved all the different harmonies!! At the beginning when they started singing the chorus it sounded a bit strange to me. I think it was because they were all singing in their head voices. But as the song went on I started to enjoy it more. I also liked the guy singing bass in some parts. It sounded really good. Overall it was a really good performance of the piece.

  16. Nice cover of the song! It was very composed and the harmony was on point. Everyone in this group did their job because it sounded amazing. I enjoyed listening to this and I really like how all the males could get high pitched. Africa is a good song and this was a really cover of it.

  17. I really liked their performance as an all male group and how they sang Africa was amazing, I love their posture and, the altos sang terrificly well. They all looked handsome and well dressed, and sang very beautifully. It was a great performance..

  18. I enjoyed the song and like the harmonies,and the eco. i like how they switch from high to low.
    the last thing i liked was Towards theend when the music stoped and then his voice got soft then high.

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