Assignment #15 – Listening

Your assignment is to listen to this selection and critique the performance. Comment on intonation, rhythmic accuracy, and overall performance enjoyment.

This is Due Monday February 16, 2015 by 11:59 pm

Your answer should be 5 -7 sentences and in paragraph form and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page.  The assignment is worth 10 points.

Love you more than my new boots,

Mrs. R.

11 thoughts on “Assignment #15 – Listening

  1. The performance itself is amazing. The rhythm is great with a great tempo as well. The accuracy of this performance is great because the singers whether it’s sopranos or tenors it sounds like one. It’s all in unison. Overall, I enjoyed this performance, not only because I like the song, but I also like their emotions and passion.

  2. I thought the quality of the video kinda took away from the performance. It was also filmed from too far away so the film crew needs to be fired. I didn’t like their decision to start off with the guys singing only but once they brought in everybody’s voices it started to sound really good but I did notice the Rythm kinda changed at parts. Intonation is 10/10 though.😀

  3. I love the volume in the song. But, I couldn’t understand what the choir was saying when they were singing. The choir maintained an amazing blend and a good pace, during the performance. Great job.

    • Very true. Partially the video quality, but the singers did not sing in strong diction. They did not pronounce each word with gusto. But this is part of the whole dynamic of the song. Smooth, calm, and blending.

  4. Every part in the choir was very clear and they all sounded like a single unit. They sounded very nice, and their voices even rang. The parts were moved around so that the boys sang first, but it still sounded nice. Their intonation was accurate and so was the tempo. The performance was overall very enjoyable.

  5. This performace was very pretty. The notes were extremely sustained and light. The overall sound was very full and the singers were all in unison. They kept a steady tempo throughout the song. Intonation was no problem for this choir for it was spot on. I really enjoyed this performance.

    P.s. I’m sorry I completely forgot we had a homework! Which is so not like me.

  6. While the video quality of the video is horrible, the quality of the performance is not so. Their blend is amazing, and so is their tempo. I didn’t hear them go off pitch once. The solo at the beginning was beautiful. Their motions were simple, with some people swaying or some not. We’ll do much better than them, though.

  7. I loved how organized and professional the performance was. They had a great tone but I could barely understand what they were saying so they should improve their pronunciation. I give them a lot of credit for having very good posture and I can see and hear how it helped them sing better. They had a very good rhythm although sometimes they were off a little bit but they didn’t freak out or anything they just continued singing and fixed it on the way. Also their blending was very beautiful, they were all balanced. They kept their sound to a beautiful volume,

  8. Due to the fact this is a vocal piece, it is practically flawless. The video quality limited the resonance and tone of the singers but not majorly. The singers went through the song with a smooth elegance that was quite incredible. I also enjoyed how towards the end of the performance it zooms in and you get to see the actual vocalists faces. It helped bring out to the audience the amount of focus and emotion these vocalists put in for this performance.

  9. I think the performance was amazing, the camera quality was not very good, but the vocalist sang so wonderfully that you don’t even pay attention to the camera, you just want to hear their voices, which was absolutely phenomenal. Their posture was good, they looked focused and dedicated to what they were doing….

  10. The performance was really good. The tone of their voices never went off key. However, the clarity was not quality sounding. It was hard to understand what they were saying at times. Also the rhythm changed a lot though I know they did it to get the right sound out and pure. It was still hard to get into the song rhythmically.

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