Assignment #15 – Listening

Your assignment is to listen to this selection and critique the performance. Comment on intonation, rhythmic accuracy, and overall performance enjoyment.

This is Due Monday February 16, 2015 by 11:59 pm

Your answer should be 5 -7 sentences and in paragraph form and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page.  The assignment is worth 10 points.

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Mrs. R.

27 thoughts on “Assignment #15 – Listening

  1. I have mixed feelings about this performance. I think they blended well but I feel as if it might have been missing something. Their rhythm was nice, good tempo. I didnt like the soloist at the end because he just kept singing the same two notes over and over again. I guess I liked it but I dont know, I guess I just feel like we are better. cx

  2. I really enjoyed the energy of the choir in this version of Shut De Do. I also thought they blended very well. However, not everyone seemed to be in sync rhythm wise. That might be because when I was listening to this in your classroom a lot of people were talking so it was hard to hear it exactly. Also, the intonation could have been better in a few spots. Overall, I enjoyed this performance very much.

    • I think they did a good job. I feel like it was a tad too fast. I also felt that they were trying to sing very loudly and it came off as yelling. It could’ve been better but it wasn’t very bad

  3. I think that they sounded great! I think that the intonation was sharp they had a really nice pitch while they were singing. They rhythm was nice and they all had such good voices that went very well with the performance. Overall they were very enjoyable to listen to and they all looked like they were really into what they were doing. They looked like they were enjoying the music and their voices were really nice and sounded amazing! Also they had a great range!

  4. The performance was great! The students were in unison and on beat. Their inotation was perfect. I love the rythm, and how they had the different sections with different tones. What wouldve made this performance better is if they used facial expressions to express the song, but other than tht it was wonderful,

  5. the performance was different than i expected.The song itself sounded deep and i like how they added interments to make it sound more better. the rhythm was really good in my opinion because the pitch seems like its suppose to be deep. I also liked how the pitch kept changing on certain notes. The entire performance to me was great.

  6. This was seriously way to fast! This may be how it suppose to sound but, no it needs to be slower.I didn’t like how the guys were definitely overpowering the girls. it was a bit off putting because you could hear a lot of a lower range and couldn’t hear the sopranos. They did get the harmonies, I’ll give them that, but they didn’t ring. You could also hear that they would come in and out meaning the would become softer but to the point where you couldn’t hear the words coming out their mouths. So what they need to do is rearrange who sings what and try it over again. :))

  7. I thought it was good, but a little sloppy. The timing of the drums and vocals were a little off. I thought the singing was alright, but it was more shouting than singing. There was a well balance between the different vocal parts. Overall it was good.

  8. The rhythym was nice and it flowed nicely. I liked how they spread out the singers so that it sounded even. The last few measures at the end sounded good. They never lost track and no one’s voice cracked. What bothers me is that the rhythym slowed down a little at the end.

  9. They were really good. I think their intonation was great most of the time. Just one time they were a little off. Their rhythmic accuracy was spot on. The only problem i have is they looked really bored the whole time.

  10. Well first of all that was extremely fast!! In fact it was so fast that I could tell not all of the notes were accurately sung. I felt like the singers sounded very rushed due to the rhythm and at certain points they lagged in the rhythm but it was a very slight lag however it was enough of a lag for me to notice. I heard all of the parts most of the time but they never really blended. It sounded more like they were trying to hear their own parts rather than trying to hear each other so then they ended up sounding like they were just shouting their parts. Personally I only liked it because I really love this song. And when did that kid started singing the “oh-ohhs”?!? That was super random and I didn’t know if he was actually singing anything besides the “oh-ohhh” and if he was I couldn’t hear what he was singing because everyone else overpowered him.

  11. Okay first off it is way to fast, I don’t know if we have to sing it this fast but I don’t like. The boys are overpowering the girls and i see why but you can’t hear the harmonies as well. I liked the ending how is was really loud and powerful. i don’t like how he just the girl section the solo cause it sounded strange. Also my last critique is at the end this one boy had some “riffs” at the end,he was good, but they sound out of place and I wasn’t sure if someone was trying to do there own thing.

  12. The intonation throughout the song was okay in my opinion. I feel like the blend wasn’t as good as expected though. As Madison and Acacia said, the song was extremely fast. I felt like they wanted to get this over with but i couldn’t exactly tell if it was the instructors fault or the kids fault. The overall performance was okay; it could’ve been better.

  13. I enjoyed it, but i feel the slower version is better. You cant really hear what they are saying. The beat was going so fast. The vocals was good. They are good singers. I just feel the beat was too fast. Ours is still better though. ; )

  14. I thought the performance was pretty good. It seemed a bit rushed at times but it wasn’t too bad. They had the parts down and they hit the right notes. There was this cool like harmony kind of thing near the end but it seemed to end kind of abruptly. Overall it was a pretty chill performance though.

  15. The performance was good but i feel like they could’ve tried harder to blend more. The boys overpowered the girls in the middle section.
    The drums were a nice addition to the piece. It was too fast therefore it sounded kinda sloppy. And that boy at the end, i really don’t know what he was saying but i saw his mouth move so…
    I hope we sound better than that

  16. I like how they start off with the guys(lower voice) then the solo.(high part)for the girls then they mix it and keep switching off . I like how its upbeat and not too slow. There keeping the same constant beat. The last thing i like is that while they are singing theres a soloist singing while everyone else is saying “light the candle everythings all right”

  17. I like the sound that they were striving for. However it feels just a bit fast for the runs they are trying to do. It feels a bit rushed when they do the chorus. The guys, even though they sound good, it really is overpowering everyone else’s voices and you cant really hear the girls part very well. Another thing was that the percussion was a bit off and it wasn’t necessarily the timing but just the type of beat they were doing.

  18. In this performance I really liked that the boys started off and then the solo came in. I also like how the mixed it up for parts were the higher parts would sing then the lower parts. I personally think for some parts of the song they could have tried to blend better. It did seem rushed at times but it was still good. I still prefer the slower version of the song.

  19. I thought the performance was pretty good. I think they overall hit all the right notes and it sounded good. But I also think it was way to fast. the ending also seemed kind of forced almost. They ended really fast and almost out of nowhere and i was kind of confused but over all I think it was pretty good.

  20. This performance was okay. I felt that the drums were a but off and the pitches were everywhere. I think that if they slowed down the tempo of the song it would sound better because it sounded like they were gasping for air and that got rid of the happy feel it gives off. I also think the boys voices were too loud and that they were not really listening to eachother.

  21. I thought the performance overall was good.It was a bit fast though.With thr slow version you’re able to hear the lyrics better and i feel like there is more meening to the song.I feel like the rhythm is perfect.The congas make the song so much better.The singers are to serious though like it’s an upbeat song they should be pumped up

  22. Overall it was an okay performance.I thought the tempo of the song was way too fast. A times it felt very rushed. Also the boys section was almost yelling. That made it not blend well together. Also I feel like the drums were a bit off and kinda weird throughout the whole song. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible.

  23. I feel as if the tempo is a bit fast almost to the point of sloppy. The only part that I actually liked of the performance was the very end, I think that part sounded very nice. It also seemed like they where shouting instead of singing the song. Overall I didn’t really like it….

  24. i feel like the tempo was to fast and it was very messy, i didnt care for it tHAT MUCH. THEY WHERE YeLLING INSTEAD OF simgimg. instead of enjoying it i felt like i was being punished and yelled at.

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