Assignment #12 – Written – Level 3/4

Our next assignment is to tell me what the lyrics of Run to You mean to you. When you sing this song what are you singing about. Your paragraph should be 5 – 7 sentences and it should follow the rubric posted on my teacher page. You should post your answer in the comment section of this page, email it to me, or bring me a hard copy by:

Monday January 26, 2015 by 11:59 pm.

The assignment is worth 10 points.

I love you more than my husband’s homemade chili

7 thoughts on “Assignment #12 – Written – Level 3/4

  1. It is obvious the song Run to You is a love song. This person singing the song is confessing his/her love to another. It begins by explaining the two are in a room and there is a silence but both know the situation. The person singing the song explains how the two started to drift apart because the other fell out of love. All this person wants to do is win them back and would go to the point of breaking down walls for them.

  2. The song “Run To You” by the Pentatonix is a song about the rush of love. It is about the strong connection a single glare can be. Its about the jumping off of bridges to reunite with the love of their life. Though the song is about love, it is also about loosing your love and how that feels when all you want to do it run back into their arms.

  3. Run To You is a song about loving and losing. It is about fighting for someone with every inch of your being, but still not wining. It shows a lot of vulnerability; it shows desperation for acceptance, approval, and love from someone. This song resonates with me because I know how it feels to be completely devoted to someone who will never give me the time of day. This song can relate to friendships or relationships. It has so many meanings which is why it is so beautifully written.

  4. To be honest, I listen to this song at home and cry. Every time. I can relate a lot to this song right now and that’s why I love it so much even though it just makes me remember sad things. This is a really sad break up song and it reminds me that love can sometimes be a war. “I have broken bones and tattered clothes,” is a metaphor for everything that person (me) went through with someone else. It shows how hard and how long they tried to become what the other person wanted but they lost the war. They’re still so in love though that they will still try to get the other person back they’d break down the gates of heaven because they feel so strongly about the other person. It is actually a really heavy/emotional song and I hate how much it matches my situation but I love it so much it’s just too good.

  5. Run to You is definitely a song about love. The person is expressing his or her love to their significant other. There seems to be a lot of complication and miscommunication. Although, they love each other immensely. There seems to be so much distance. However, they love each other so much.

  6. I believe that run to you is not only about love . Love can be defined in so many ways . There are also many different types of love . Have you ever asked yourself what love really is ? How will you know if your in love ? That strong but deep and inner connection which you share with one person . How you would do everything and anything for that person . No matter what the cost may be . In Run To You , you get a sense of what that feels like . Especially when you feel like that one special person is slipping away and you’re trying to hurry up and catch them before they leave you for good . Love is like a road map . It can lead you to your destination but it’s up to you to chose what path you want to take .

  7. When I sing “Run To You,” I think about singing to someone I love. I visualize myself in a room either singing this or actually talking about how I feel about someone to their face. I feel it is more of a love letter to someone rather than just another song about love. The lyrics are very important and meaningful because they carry so much emphasis on how a person feels when talking to their loved one. In a way, the song also tells the story of how someone could not be on good terms with their significant other but would still do anything and everything for them.

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