Assignment #12 – Written – Level 2

You will need to write a 5 – 7 complete sentence paragraph about the city of Camaguey Cuba. It should follow the rubric posted on my teacher page.

You should post your answer in the comment section of my blog, email it to me, or bring me a hard copy by:
Monday January 26, 2015 by 11:59 pm.
The assignment is worth 10 points.

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8 thoughts on “Assignment #12 – Written – Level 2

  1. Camagüey, Cuba’s third largest city, is the capital of the Camagüey Province and is inhabited by more than 321,000 people. The city was originally founded as Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe around 1515. Due to continuous pirate attacks the city was moved inland in 1528. The old city layout resembles a real maze, with narrow, short streets always turning in a direction or another. After Henry Morgan burned the city in the 17th century, it was designed like a maze so attackers would find it hard to move around inside the city.

  2. Camaguey, Cuba is the third largest city with a whopping of 321,000 people. The time there is three hours later than where we are in right now. The Centre of Camaguey shows an architectural, historic background. The city was found in the 16th century. Camaguey is a beautiful, charming city with many nice people and lots to do.

  3. The city of Camaguey, Cuba was originally in the Northern Coast in 1514. It was soon moved inland after many Pirate attacks in 1528. It was designed to ward away raiders. They have 15 churches. Their symbol is the clay pot. In 2008, the town was given the title of a World Heritage Site.

  4. Camagüey is a city in central Cuba that was founded in 1528. The city experienced many attacks by pirates and raiders so the layout of the city is very intricate with confusing alleys. It is also filled with many cobblestone plazas, historic statues, and museums. Camagüey played an important role as an inland territory dedicated to the sugar industry and cattle breeding. If you are to ever visit the city of Camagüey, you will see many clay pots filled with rain water decorating the streets. This is a tradition turned into a decorative hallmark, for back then it was believed that if you drank the water from a woman’s tinajón (the clay pot) you would fall in love and never leave her.

  5. The city of Camaguey is called the maze city because of its difficult layout of the streets. A characteristic feature of this city is the large number of squares and parks, including San Juan de Dios Square, built in the 18th cent., and Ignacio Agramonte Park, which used to be the parade grounds in colonial times. A colonial architecture and a traditional inclination for the arts have improved the spiritual and cultural life of the people of Camagüey. Zit was founded in the 16 century. The city of Camagueyis one of the cradles of Cuban culture. Large earthenware jars are the symbol of the city.

  6. The city of Camaguey is located in central Cuba and is the third largest city in the nation. The city has been attacked continuously by pirates in the original city called Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe in the year 1515 so it moved inland in 1528. To defend the city from raiders, the city was done by design with confusing twists and turns of the streets with forked roads and blind alleys. The symbol of the Camaguey is a clay pot used to capture rain water so it can be used later. There were many pots in different shapes and sizes either as monument or for real usage. There is a legend in the cities where if you drink from a girl’s personal clay pot, you will fall in love with her and never leave her. (Complete and utter BS if you ask me.)

  7. Camaguey is a city located in central Cuba. The old city layout looks similar to a real maze with narrow short streets that always turn in one direction or another. After the city was burned by Henry Morgan, it was designed to look like a maze, so that attackers would find it hard to walk around the city. The city symbol of Camaguey, is the tinajon, which is used to capture rain water to be used later. Clay pots are everywhere in the city, some are as small as a hand, or even big enough for two people to stand in, mostly for monuments or for real use.

  8. Camaguey Cuba is a city in the middle of Cuba and it is our nations third largest country. The city defended raiders by creating super confusing alleys so if they tried to go to Camaguey again they will surely be killed. Although some thought it was supposedly a myth an in truth the city was developed without any planning and the streets were developed because the people wanted to stay near the churches. Their culture involved clay-pots which are really cool because they are fun to make. They had clay pots everywhere, big and small, some big enough for people to stand in. the locals had a legend about if a person drank for a girls tinajon that they would fall in love with the girl and never leave her.

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