Assignment #11 – Listening – Level 3/4

Your assignment is to listen to the selections I have chosen for us this semester and comment on which one you like the best and why.
Las Amarillas

Witness (Click on the play button next to 10366147)

No Time

Remember Me

Run to You

Stand Together

This is Due Tuesday January 20, 2015 by 11:59 pm
You should post your answer to the comment section.  It should be 5 -7 sentences and in paragraph form and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page.  The assignment is worth 10 points.

12 thoughts on “Assignment #11 – Listening – Level 3/4

  1. “Run To You” is my favorite song out of these selections. Not just because Pentatonix is popular but because the harmonies in this song are phenomenal. I feel a strong connection the song and I can feel the integrity within each of the singers. The arranged version of this song in our class is so beautiful and it makes me appreciate the song more. When I sing this song, I’m not just singing words or seeing notes. I’m feeling everything because the connection is just that strong.

  2. I prefer Run To You over all of them because I feel that song a lot more than the other ones. It is deeper than the other songs especially because of the melody that it has and it always gives me a “tingly” feeling. Another reason why I love it is because i believe that once we learn that whole song, we will be able to perform it the best put of all of the other ones. I am not saying that the other songs are bad, but in my opinion i would prefer Run To You. I believe it will be one of the best songs we will ever perform. :)(:

  3. My favorite piece was Run To You by Pentatonix It was a beautiful video with an amazing team of outstanding vocalists. I’m not particularly into the Pentatonix, a lot of their songs are too cliche for my taste, but this video has to be the best song i have listened to by them. I love singing it as well and am happy with the rest too!

  4. I just love “Run To You” so much! The mixture and blend of their voices is perfect! The way the bass sings his notes are so soft but they have the biggest effect of all on the song. I like how the vocalist take you on a journey throughout the whole song. Even though it is only five voices singing, if I heard this for the first time not knowing who was singing, I would probably think it was more like eight people rather than five. This song gives me chills every time I listen to it.

  5. “Run To You” is my favorite song of these selections for several reasons. Personally, I think it has the most interesting harmonies. It is a beautifully composed piece, with just the right amount of each part at just the right times. The lyrics tug at your heart, and their ambiguous nature gives them the potential to fit many different situations and thus, relate to many different people. Finally, I feel as though Pentatonix is one of the most polished groups of those performing in these selections, so their delivery – dynamics, blending, tone, feeling – makes the song even more beautifully haunting.

  6. Well to be honest I just going to write all about “Run To You” by the Pentatonix but instead I’m going with “Remember Me.” There is a certain depth to this piece not only musically but lyrically. The main purpose of the words seems like it’s a promise. There is this person who seems to reaching the so called “silent land” and even that evokes a kind of comfort into something that no one really knows about. Yes as blunt as it can be it’s talking about death but what is truly bittersweet is that this person is asking someone to not think to much of their absents. It’s something that we think about time to time, death, but mostly what happens to you know, us. This person is telling someone that they’ve got there whole life to live and it isn’t healthy or rational to debate of the concept of “ignorance is bliss.” This song is really meaningful, deep, and hauntingly beautiful.

  7. “Run To You” is my favorite out of all of those songs. Besides being the most modern out of all songs, this song speaks to me. The lyrics are so beautiful and touching. This song gives me chills up and down my spine. The voices, the melody, everything in this song is so beautiful. The texture and the warmth in the song is absolutely insane.

  8. Out of all the songs, my favorite one would have to be Run To You. Every time I listen to the song I get chills, the words are relatable and so touching. The harmonies and the way that they presented themselves through the songs with all of the dynamics and feeling was well received by the listeners. I feel like the songs meaning can be different for anyone, everyone’s opinion on the song can be something else. Run To You is so deep and can make you feel so many emotions.

  9. The song I like the best is “Run To You.” It just sounds so pretty and the voices blend together so well.The dynamics of this song are really good because it feels like there is a crescendo throughout the entire song. It’s like the song is just leading up to a big moment but then it ends softly. I feel like this song is more relatable than the others, it just seems more current. I think that we could convey the emotion that goes into this song if we sing it and it could be really powerful.

  10. I have two favorite songs out of these selections. “Run To You” is my favorite song to listen to and sing to, but Las Amarllias is my favorite song for our choir. I think that this song is unlike any other. I have never heard anything like it. I think that our choir could really add our own flavor to it. It has so much culture in it which makes it so lively. The song is full with clapping and harmonies that give off a huge sound.

  11. My favorite song is Run To You. There are many reasons why this is my favorite. It is a current song rather than the others which make it appeal to me. Also, it’s not a churchy kind of choir song which I like because I’m not a fan of church choir songs. Singing this song really represents how the school is very different from other performing arts schools because we sing songs like pentatonix that no other school does.

  12. My favorite song out of the selections would have to be Run to You because not only do i feel a deep connection with the song’s meaning, but the song’s power can leave an audience mesmerized and as you can see based on the other comments, everyone connects to this song in some way so the emotion we would put into it would add to the power that we as a choir can form together through this piece.

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