Assignment #11 – Listening – Level 1

Your assignment is to listen to the selections I have chosen for us this semester and comment on which one you like the best and why. Shut de do

Can You Hear? (click the play button all the way to the left of number 3701106)

Africa (Click the video camera icon half way down the page)

Stand Together

This is Due Tuesday January 20, 2015 by 11:59 pm

You should post your answer to the comment section below.  It should be 5 -7 sentences and in paragraph form and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page.  

The assignment is worth 10 points.

21 thoughts on “Assignment #11 – Listening – Level 1

  1. I enjoyed both the songs, but my favorite of the two is Shut De Do. It’s very upbeat and lively, and the tone of the singers is very cheerful, so I think this song will be very fun to practice and perform. Also, I really like the build-up. It begins with some simple percussion, then a single voice is singing. By the end a giant group of singers are singing different parts and the very ending is really cool. I’m very excited to perform this song!

    • for one, i totally agree with you!!! i thought eceryone would like Africa best but yay you liked Shut De Do too:) lol you and i are the only students who did this assignment on time!!!

  2. Although I liked the other songs Shut De Do would have to be my favorite. It’s a really upbeat song and makes me want to dance. It’s a very full song with the added percussion and makes the song more enjoyable. There’s not a dull moment in this song with the depth it puts out with the timing and the different aspects its uses. The singers voices have power and bounce to them which would make this song fun to perform. The builds it has throughout the song brings more power to it and it would make it a great song to perform.

  3. I really enjoyed Stand Together. I loved the harmonies and I think it has a really strong soprano section. But on an opposing view it may not have a big enough part for everyone and Shut De Doe does have that. I showed Shut De Doe to my dad and he really enjoyed it. I really am unsure as to which song we could sing.

  4. My favorite song was Shut De Do. This was mainly because the way they say “shut de do” is so satisfying. This morning, my mom walked out of my room and I told her not to forget to “shut de do.” The beat is very energetic and I found myself bobbing my head to it, which was a very strange experience. I liked when the people clapped; it was impressive because i can only clap at a fifth of that speed. I also enjoyed when the singer talked about him being a baby child and needing to keep out the devil. The song simply made me feel happy and motivated me to shut de do.

  5. Out of all the selections you’ve chosen for the upcoming concert, my favorite would have to be the three-piece harmony version of “Africa.” The rhythmic and percussive elements that are executed by the vocalists is something that I really enjoyed. Plus the melody just sort of makes you want sing with your heart, which makes it easier to do and also a more enjoyable piece. Its different than most pieces, but also more fun.

  6. As I’m sure we all enjoyed Africa the best, i thought I’d play devil’s advocate and enjoy Shut De Do the best. I love the tempo a lot. It’s very upbeat and not boring unlike Stand together and Can You Hear. I loved the soul, just LOVED it!!! Out of all of the selections, SHut De DO has the most soul and i appreciate that, a lot!! I also like that it’s not a terrible tune to get stuck in my head. I can’t even get it stuck in my head so that’s pretty awesome. With africa, the dodododododoahhhhhs can get easily stuck in my head which rather quickly gets irritating. Anyways though the lyrics were pretty much the same seven lines all through the song, the percussions and backing vocals and lead vocals just didn’t get old. I have a high respect for the vocalists because this song- timing wise- clearly is not easy!! I’m excited to learn and perform this song:)

  7. I also loved them both, but I have to say shut de do would be my favorite. It made me want to dance and make a fool of myself. At first I was kind of skeptical because of the name; I thought it would be really boring and mellow. Instead this song caught me off guard and that’s why I love it because it wasn’t what I expected it to be. I hope that the class will be able to do this

  8. I like stand together because its a steady song and i like how they started off with the harmonies. I really like the background music
    And i also love how the beat stays the

    • Ok im continuing fromthe last comment i accendently sent it

      The same. I like how its slow and towards the middle ot gets faster but the beat never changes

  9. I really enjoyed shut de do. It was full of soul and its really catchy. I like the way they say “shut de do”. The first time i heard the title it cracked me up but i actually really enjoy the song. IT has a really good beat and great diversity. I love all the different parts and harmonies. I think tomorrow it going to be stuck in my head but whatever. I love the ending, its really powerful. Cant wait to learn it.

  10. My favorite song is Shut De Do because it has a really nice beat. The melody is catchy so you have it stuck in your head for a while after you listen to it and the name makes you want to listen to it too. It was filled with soul and hope with a great message and thats why its the best song.

  11. Both songs are very touching but my favorite, obviously is “Shut De Do” because it’s funny and a good message, as a Christian it is true, ” shut de do and keep out the devil”. Meaning we don’t need negativity in our lives, we can choose to be happy and joyful no matter what comes our way.

  12. Both songs are very touching but my favorite, obviously is “Shut De Do” because it’s funny and a good message, as a Christian it is true, ” shut de do and keep out the devil”. Meaning we don’t need negativity in our lives, we can choose to be happy and joyful no matter what comes our way.

  13. i really liked all of the songs but Shut De Do is my favorite because its very upbeat and sends a good message. Its basically saying keep the bad things out and focus on the good “everythings alright”. I think its very heart lifting and a great song in general.

  14. I liked all the songs but shut due do is my favorite. Its my favorite because its a happy song and its basically talking about banashing evil. In the song everyone sounds happy and exited. I also like the song because I like how the melody goes. The song is very cheerful and I like how it says when you lit a candle everything’s all right. I also like it because it sounds religous

  15. My favorite song is Shut De Do well first of all because now we are doing that song in class and I really like how the song is up beat even if it’s kind of “slow”. I love all the differnent harmonies that is has. Plus the name is to die for(:

  16. I like both songs but I’m going to have to go for Stand Together I think it sounds like a really calming song and something so nice to listen to. But “Shut de do” is definitely a great song as well! I love the message Shut De Do gives out. I’m Catholic but I do agree that we should keep the devil out! Its a great song to know that you should keep negativity far from your daily life! Stand together has a great beat and even the name Stand together is something that everyone should believe in when helping one another! So glad we’re able to sing one of these songs in class! The song Shut de do just seams to have so much meaning in it and its song that teaches someone lessons on living a peaceful life!

  17. I like both shut de do and stand together, but i would go with stand together. I like stand together a little better because its so calm and i love the beat, i also love the pitch. I also pick this song because i like any song that i could see myself dancing to.

  18. Im actually not surprised at all everybody like Shut De Do more than the others. The beat and tempo are great. its very lively. The harmonies are fantastic and sound somewhat harder than they actually are. It is very very catchy, literally singing along to it while listening to it. When people hear it I can see everybody dancing in their seat! Great song overall. :))

  19. Im not surprised that most people like Shut de Do then the others. Its really upbeat and a great song. When people hear i can see them dancing in there seat. After i heard it I couldn’t stop humming to it! It will be a good hit when we sing it!

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