Assignment #10 – Listening – Level 1

Listening to different genres of music is important to be a well rounded musician.
Your assignment is to analyze any holiday song you would like to with regards to the musical elements of melody, harmony, texture, rhythm and why you like it.

This is Due Monday November 10, 2014 by 11:59 pm
Your answer should be 5 -7 sentences and in paragraph form and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page.  You can get 5 extra credit points up to 10 for commenting on someone else’s comment
The assignment is worth 10 points.

Love you more than a great holiday song!!

Mrs. R.

11 thoughts on “Assignment #10 – Listening – Level 1

  1. I chose the song “I’ll be home for Christmas” by Frank Sinatra. It has a very solemn tone. While listening to it, I heard a consistent theme somewhat made of melancholy but still with hopeful elements to it. It has a very old jazz sound to it, which I really enjoy. Melodically, it’s rather simple. However, the emotion conveyed through the song’s texture gives it a certain strength.

  2. Doesn’t everyone enjoy a great Christmas song during the holidays? I know I do! Even though I am Jewish, Christmas songs are closer to my heart. One of my favorite holiday songs is “Little Saint Nick” by Mindy Gledhill. Her voice is super soothing and calm, and she is cheerful at the same time. The melody of the song is calm, but joyful. It has a soft texture, and a soft harmony. This is one of my favorite songs because it brightens up my day and it just makes me a happier person.

  3. My all time favorite holiday song is “Gloria”. This song is BEAUTIFUL. The harmonies are great! The rhythm is soft and slow but still storing and bold. Since I was a little girl this has always been my favorite. Durning the holiday season I would and still always make my mom and dad play the song as o open my presents. ITS THE PERFECT HOLIDAY SONG IN MY OPINION (:

  4. The Christmas song Jingle Bells is probably one of my favorite Christmas songs. The tune is upbeat and makes me really excited for christmas. It is in major key but it can also be played in minor key. The melody of this song has changed so much over the past 130 years since James Pierpond wrote it, but it still sounds strung together really nicely. The melody is disjunct because it jumps from low notes to high notes to back again giving it more of a peppy vibe. That is why i chose Jingle Bells.

  5. The song i chose is “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. it is a very catchy song and it has kind of a pop(ish) tune. In the beginning its really pretty and slow and it has a lot of riffs but then it picks up the tempo and becomes cute and childlike and in the 90’s (when it came out) it was like “whoa you can do that in a Christmas song?!” I mean a lot of other Christmas songs are more like ballads but this defies the Christmas song expectations. Honestly i think this is more of a love song that just so happens to have a little bit of holiday spirit in it. The song is more legato than staccato. I’m actually going to have to sing this song for another choir outside of school so yeah come see that.

  6. The song I chose is “Let it Snow” covered by Lady Antebellum. I love this song so much! Well i like Christmas songs in general, they make me so happy. Anyway, this song is little folk. Not by a whole lot. I like this cover because they harmonize a bit and it adds flavor to the song. Its obviously a classic cause if you have never heard any type of version of this song then you can’t listen to any other song till you this one. its a good, easy rhythm to pick up to. I’m also singing this song at one my showcases.

  7. Holiday songs fill me up with joy and always get me in great spirits! I love all holidays, and even though I’m nor christian or catholic, Christmas has always been my favorite! Sitting by the fire with hot coco playing christmas songs always makes me and everyone else so happy. All christmas songs make me feel swell and make me smile, one song I love of many has to be “Baby Its Cold Outside” covered by many artists. Frank Loesser wrote this fantastic song in 1949. The harmonies created are amazing and I love the fact that the two singers overlap their words with one another. Even Though most people say this is a christmas song, they never actually mention any specific religion, thats what I think is so great. One of my favorite versions of this song is the cover by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer. The Rhythm is fun and changes but if you hear it once you’ll catch on right away.

  8. The song I chose is Rocking Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee because, it’s a very up beat song and It always puts me in the mood to decorate my house with Christmas decorations and be with family. The actual music itself has such a good melody it just makes you want to dance! I sang this song last year to my family for Christmas and it was the most best experience ever!

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