Assignment #9 – Written

Our next written assignment is to do a word for word translation of our Hebrew and Latin texts. You do not have to put these in sentence form.

Gloria, excelsis, Domino, shalom, chaverim, lehitraot,

You should post your answer in the comment section of this page, email it to me, or bring me a hard copy by:
Monday November 3, 2014 by 11:59 pm.
The assignment is worth 10 points.

Love you more than a crisp Gala apple

Mrs. R.

11 thoughts on “Assignment #9 – Written

  1. In “Sing for Joy,” Excelsis means high, Gloria means glory, and domino means the. In “Shalom Chaverim,” shalom Chaverim means go in peace. Lehitraot means see you soon or see you again.

  2. Latin English


  3. Shalom- peace,hello, and goodbye
    Gloria- glory
    Domino- the
    Chaverim- friend
    Lehitraot- see you soon
    Excelsis- (on) high

  4. Hebrew and Latin Text Translations:
    Gloria = glory
    Excelsis = high
    Domino = presence/the
    Shalom = (mainly) hello (hebrew word meaning a variety of things)
    Chaverim = beloved/friends
    Lehitraot = see you again/soon

  5. GLORIA- Fame, glory, renown
    EXCELSIS- The highest
    DOMINO- Presence
    SHALOM- Hello, prosperity, peace
    CHAVERIM- Friends
    LEHITRAOT- Goodbye for now, see you soon

  6. Gloria means glory, Domino means the, Exselsis means high, Shalom means hi or bye, Chaverim means peace, and Lehitraot see you soon.

  7. Gloria – glory
    excelsis – high
    domino – sovereign
    shalom – peace
    chaverim – friends
    lehitraot – goodbye
    Sorry it’s late

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