Assignment #9 – Written – Level 3/4

Our next assignment is research “Still, Still, Still” and write a paragraph that could be read at our concert to introduce this song. Your paragraph should be 5 – 7 sentences and it should follow the rubric posted on my teacher page. You should post your answer in the comment section of this page, email it to me, or bring me a hard copy by:
Monday November 3, 2014 by 11:59 pm.
The assignment is worth 10 points.

Love you more than a crisp Gala apple

5 thoughts on “Assignment #9 – Written – Level 3/4

  1. This traditional Australian Christmas carol has been bringing joy to the people for many years. Still, Still, Still is a beautiful rendition about angels, Christ’s birth, and dreams. Since 1819 this timeless classic has been slightly altered to fit a modern day choir. Still, Still, Still is one of the most beautiful Christmas songs.

  2. Still, Still, Still is a lovely Austrian carol. For centuries, this song has brought joy to many faces with its beautiful melody. The Christmas carol is about dreams and tranquility. Its melody flows gently and stays true to the song’s intent. This piece of music is like a lullaby.

  3. “Still, Still, Still” is a classic Christmas lullaby. The rhythm of this beautiful Austrian classic is enough to make one drift off into their imagination and transport them to a world of christmas and all things wholesome. The light blend of voices take the song away from the sad gloomy instrumentals and makes the song brighter. This song was written to symbolize Baby Jesus being guarded by angels while Mary rocks him in her arms, so the words and the gentle melody have a very angelic sounding effect. Whether “Still, Still, Still” puts people to sleep or connects them back to a religious affiliation they have lost touch with, it has a very special effect on everyone.

  4. This Austrian Christmas carol is also a lullaby. It’s soothing sound has been sung for many years before now. Still, still, still can still sing you to sleep with it’s beautiful harmonies throughout the song. In German its first line is hush, hush, hush for the little child want to sleep. I know I’d want to sing my future child to sleep with this song.

  5. “Still, Still, Still” is a classic Australian lullaby. It has been sang and performed for centuries. The song pursues beauty, belief and rest while telling the tale of Jesus’s birth and his Angel Guardians. This beautiful melody is meant to sway one to rest and fill their dreams with the remembrance of Christian beginnings.

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