Assignment #8 – Listening

Listening to different genres of music is important to be a well rounded musician.
Your assignment is to listen to this arrangement of “Go Tell It On the Mountain” and critique the arrangement. Be specific in what you like or don’t like about it.

This is Due Monday October 27, 2014 by 11:59 pm

Your answer should be 5 -7 sentences and in paragraph form and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page.  The assignment is worth 10 points.

Love you more than HALLOWEEN!!!

Mrs. R.


9 thoughts on “Assignment #8 – Listening

  1. I really like this rendition of “Go Tell It on The Mountain.” It gives the song that has lived for generations a new age kind of vibe. I like the intro because it makes the listener believe that this will be another slow and choral song but then the group changes it up. The harmonies also blend together so perfectly in this song and anything out of place would be obvious. The beat boxing did not overpower the song and actually carried it further. There was nothing I could actually critique because it sounded perfect.

  2. That’s such a different arrangement of “Go Tell It On The Mountain”. I would’ve never thought someone would arrange the song like that. Personally I didn’t like the production aspect of it. The song sounds too over produced to me, everything sounds too perfect. The beginning was nice and calm which I liked. I also didn’t like the way the singer pronounced “mountain” it was weird it sounded like he almost put the word in the back of his mouth and as the word finished he switched it to the front of his mouth. The harmonies are on point note wise but some of them sound too bright which is probably in the production aspect. The song is catchy and all but personally it’s not something I would listen to.

  3. I love this version of Go Tell It On The Mountain! Not only because I love the people who sing it, but because of how they changed it up and made it their own. They took a gospel song and really turned it into a modern, yet still soulful, arrangement. Their voices are so powerful and really work well with the song, you can hear the enthusiasm in their voices. You can hear the soul and power! I would think that this is the first cover of the song has has beat boxing mixed in,which is so cool! I never would have to expected to hear an arrangement like this one. It pleasantly surprised me.

  4. The Pentatonix arrangement of “Go Tell It On The Mountain” was good but I wouldn’t find myself listening to it on repeat. The harmonies were great and I liked the little dramatic pauses. It didn’t seem all that interesting though and the song remained constant most of the time. It seemed like it was a little overly sung in a sense. I did like how it makes you feel happy when you listen to it and it makes you get into to he holiday mood.

  5. Of course the rendition of Go Tell it On the Mountain by the Pentatonix is so well produced and original. I loved the soulfulness that started off the song, and the amazing harmonies. Not to mention each vocalist sounds amazing. I personally am not a big fan of the beat boxing because i preferred their soulful, simple start. This was an interesting cover of Go Tell it On the Mountain.

  6. Honestly there is nothing I don’t like about this arrangement. They all sound together (as always) and in sync. You can tell they’re all breathing together and they’re not starting all over the place. I like all of the little flourishes, the crescendos and all that good stuff that makes them a great acapella group. I can tell that they really do listen to each other because they sound like an instrumental orchestra and it’s freaky good.

  7. I absolutely loved how Pentatonix’s rendition of “Go Tell It On the Mountain”. There harmonies are so well done together. They are always in sync and blend amazing together. I love how the song has so many dynamics. In my opinion, they are the best acapella group out there. Their version is very original and really uplifting.

  8. I loved this rendition of “Go Tell It On the Mountain.” The pentatonix always give a twist to music and it is always so great. I love how in the beginning it is very soulful and slow. Then when they start on the first verse the pentatonix make it modern with the beat. Their twist on the song is this upbeat tempo and it makes the song catchy and I can find myself listening to it on repeat.

  9. I’m not particularly in favor of this song all together, but i do admire the change of style the Pentatonix displayed here. This remix brings the feeling and mood thats this song portrays completely to a different experience. Now the song of “Go Tell It On The Mounatain” feels more modernized and catchy than the original version we sing in class. I prefer this more creative version.

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