Assignment #8 – Listening

Listening to different genres of music is important to be a well rounded musician.
Your assignment is to this high school’s version of “Shalom Chaverim”. You will need to critique the tone quality, intonation (how in tune they are), and overall performance quality.

This is Due Monday October 27, 2014 by 11:59 pm
Your answer should be 5 -7 sentences and in paragraph form and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page.  You can get 5 extra credit points up to 10 for commenting on someone else’s comment
The assignment is worth 10 points.

Love you more than HALLOWEEN!!!

Mrs. R.

17 thoughts on “Assignment #8 – Listening

  1. Personally, I think this version of “Shalom Chaverim” is pretty well done. I enjoyed how everyone kept a similar tone with eachother while they sang each section. Certain sections were more dramatic than others and I think they did a great job of creating that sound for the listener. I also thought they had very good intonation, because you could tell they were listening to eachother and not trying to overpower one another. Lastly, I think the actual performance quality was for the most part good, but there were a few sound problems I heard. Over all, I think this is a very well done version of “Shalom Chaverim.”

  2. I think this version is beautiful. They all had beautiful tones in their voices and it all sounded great together. However, it was a bit dramatic at some points. They all had an equal blend of voices for each part. Not one part was ahead or overpowered the others. Overall, I really enjoyed this performance.

  3. I thought that this version of Shalom Chaverim was pretty legit. The tone quality was good in my opinion. The singers were in tune with each other and the song most of the time but you could hear some occasional, minor flaws. The overall quality of the song was pretty good though. I also thought that the part at about 3 minutes and 40 seconds in sounded kinda cool.

  4. This performance of “Shalom Caverin” was a very respectable one. The vocalists were very smooth and blended fairly well. When it comes to tone. I did hear during the middle, the higher harmony, going slightly flat. Still, nothing to hindering to their performance.

  5. I thought this version of “Shalom Chavarim” was good. I think the people singing this version of the song do a good job of not over powering each other while they sing. It makes it easier to hear what the songs have to say. I also think that they did a good job of creating anticipation in the music. They purposely made different sections more and less dramatic so it would intrigue the listener more. So over all, i think this was a pretty good version of the song “Shalom Chavarim”.

  6. I think that the vocalists did an excellent job in this performance. They were nearly in perfect tune, and they mixed together flawlessly. I personally think that the lower parts could have been a bit more audible, but other than that, the mingling tones worked great. The microphone’s quality could have used some work. There were a few cracks in terms of the recording itself. However, it was an overall great sound.

  7. I love this song to say the least. The harmony in the song is really awesome and it sounds like one of those songs that you hear at an Opra. Like Sonja said, there were certain sections or parts in the song that were really dramatic which made the song more interesting for me. I’ve noticed that the choir did the most important thing while singing, which was to listen to each other instead of one section being the loudest over all of the parts. And lastly,the quality of the performance was great I did not notice a single mistake.

  8. This version of “Shalom Chaverim” was put together very very nicely! If was sung by professional singers it would so beautiful. I thought they could pronounce their vowels a tad bit more. I liked how the different sections sang over one another and that added really great harmony. I also heard that they weren’t singing from their diaphragm but from there throat. It was over all a really pretty version of this song and I thought it should belong in Shrek, sorta.

  9. I really liked this version of “Shalmon Chaverim”. How everyone sang sounded so pretty and peaceful. The harmony sounded great and it felt like I was at a concert. I also like how they sayng from their throat and not lyrics. The whole song was put together really well and I really liked the song.

  10. I thought that this was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I loved the way they sounded they’re voices were perfect together, they were all in tune. I loved the harmony they gave off with their voices. Would love too see this in person! I do admit some parts of the song were a bit dramatic but everything else was just great! (:

  11. I think the performance was well done. All of the different types of voices blended well ,and sound perfect and on point ! The voices were soft and gentle, on the sound of each different pitch . And when the music became heavier and deeper it was well blended . And each type pitch/ performer did wonderful on the transition!!

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