Assignment #6 – Listening

Listening to different genres of music is important to be a well rounded musician.
Your assignment is to analyze any song you would like with regards to melody. You should write about its range (big or small with regards to high and low), contour (is it conjunct or disjunct), its tunefulness (can you easily sing it), and finally is the melody a very important element of this song.
This is Due Monday October 6, 2014 by 11:59 pm
Your answer should be 5 -7 sentences and in paragraph form and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page.  You can get 5 extra credit points up to 10 for commenting on someone else’s comment.
The assignment is worth 10 points.

Love you more than my homemade coleslaw

Mrs. R.

70 thoughts on “Assignment #6 – Listening

  1. I chose “Not the only one” by Sam Smith. Not the only one is in a minor key. It is conjunct, with a wide but rather low range. The instrumental is rather simple and does not change very much throughout the song. However, the vocals often stray from the piano, giving the song a very jazzy and soulful vibe.

    • I listened to “Not the Only One” by Sam Smith. It’s a very wonderful song Sonja. I agree the song has a very soulful vibe and the vocals and music are very balanced in the aspect of which one dominates the song.

      • I also listened to “not the only one” by Sam smith. I really enjoyed the vibe. The vocals and music really go together. I feel like they complete eachother. Sam Smith really put the song together very well. I wouldn’t mind listening to it again.

      • I think its so cool that you both know about Sam Smith, personally I don’t listen to his music but I think its cool that you share a common interest!

    • The odds of us both singing this song for the fundraiser! I mean they aren’t that big its a really great song. Good pick.

    • I dont like Sam Smith too much, but when I listened to this song I ended up liking it. Point one for Sam Smith, zero for ella

    • I chose Hollywood by Michael Jackson. The range in that song is very easy to sing. Not too complicated. The rhythm is very up beat and catchy. It has a really good message about a girl accomplishing her dream to become a famous dancer. The music video is great because the dance moves make it really fun to watch.

    • I really like the song Not the only one, its one of my favorites by San Smith! My friend and I ways listen to it on repeat.

  2. For my song I chose “Lies” by Marina and the Diamonds (the acoustic version). This song has a very ride range that stays mainly in the higher register. It’s in a minor key and has a very disjunct melody. Marina jumps around with raspy lower notes to very high clear notes. Not only is the song disjunct but in my opinion very hard to sing. To sing this song you need to have a powerful voice that can jump up and down the scale while still staying in tune. The melody is a very important element in this song. It’s very catchy but not to the point were it becomes repetitive, and carries the song as a whole. It’s an amazing song by an amazing artist who I love to death.

    You should listen to it Ms. Rolniak 🙂

  3. I choose Papers Boats, composed by Darren Korb. The vocals are by Ashley Barrett. This song is very disjunct, with Ashley going from low notes to high notes on the chorus. Some of the notes are too high for me to easily sing. The song is in a minor key, and it fits for the scene of the video game of which it’s in. This is definitely my favorite song from it, because of the beautiful melody, and the meaning of the song.

  4. The song that i chose is a very distinct from what most people listen to today. I chose Rachmaninoff piano concerto no. 2 in c minor 1st movement. It is obviously a minor key. This is a disjunct piece. Both the piano and the orchestra are very hard to play and sing. Both the piano and orchestra changes its beat around 3 to 5 times. The tone jumps up and down throughout the whole song. It starts off slow and dark and it gets louder and louder through out the song. The melody is very important to the song because it changes throughout the song.

  5. My favorite song is probably the most meaningful song written of all time. This song has, in the past, made grown men cry. The legendary song is called “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. The melody is not easy to sing, at least singing it well, however Rick Astley does an excellent job of presenting it. The song consists of both conjunct and disjunct melodies, which are presented in a “question-answer” form. I listen this song when ever I am feeling anything, because this song is beautiful. You should all listen to it right now.

    Especially you Ms. Rolniak.

  6. I choose just give me a reason by pink because It is a song about second chances. It’s about digging deep enough when you’ve reached that point when things got stale and complacent and you’re ready to get out… but instead of giving in, you should fight back. To realize that you’re not broken – just bent – and that you CAN learn to love again. The message is about fighting for love and realizing that even if you fell out of love, you can always fall back in love again but you have to fight for it.

    • I love this song so much! when it first came out my mom would song it at the too of her lungs which would always make me laugh.. this song brings amazing memories.

  7. I chose the song “All Star” by the band Smash Mouth to analyze. The melody in the song is a pretty important element because the verses and the chorus are sung by following it. The range of the song does not go that high except for in the later chorus and it is pretty easy to sing along to. The melody does jump up and down a bit throughout the verses but it doesn’t go too high or too low to make the song hard to song along with.

  8. The song that I chose is “Cold Desert” by Kings of Leon one of my all time favorite bands! (I’m actually typing this paragraph while I’m on the way to their concert yay)!! This song is a very slow meaningful song with a “rock like tune”. For his tune in singing it stays the ruffly the same throughout the song. I would say it’s a steady consistiant song in that case. I love them and all of their songs! Can’t wait to see them!!

  9. I chose “Everything in its Right Place” by Radiohead. The most interesting factor about it is the stagnant melodies throughout but the haunting background music within the song. The range in terms of vocals is pretty low. I can sing it pretty easily. The song is over all disjunct.The vocalist and the musicians seem to clash but in a very interesting way. The melody strangely enough is a very important element of the song. Even though the song is different and experimental, it’s catchy nonetheless.

  10. I chose to analyze “Gooey” by Glass Animals. The song is very strange but very good and it is also my favorite song at the moment. It’s conjuct, everything flows very smoothly and there are no sudden changes in pitch. It has a medium range. It’s not sung too high where you’re about to break but it’s also not very low so it’s pretty easy to sing. It’s a calming and quiet song and very easy to sing even for people like me who don’t sing. The lyrics don’t make much sense (they do have meaning but i just haven’t really looked into it) but it has a really catchy melody and I constantly find myself singing it.

  11. A song that I have been listening to lately is ‘Love Me Harder’ by Ariana Grande. She is not my favorite artist, but I love the melody to it. The song is a conjunct because the whole melody flows together. I love how at first it seems like a soft song, but towards the the pre-chorus it tends to become louder. The range goes from medium to high pitched voice. I always tend to catch myself singing the melody because it sticks with me. Also, I love the lyrics. They are simple, but they are also powerful.

  12. I chose Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne, such a throwback. The melody is conjunct and corresponds with the guitar melody in the background. It’s cool because it goes back and forth between Avril singing then the guitar plays its riff then she sings again. The melody is definitely very important and very catchy! The songs melody isn’t all over the place, it has a nice range of notes. It never gets insanely high, or too low it stays in a nice mid range. There are some jumps from high to low notes during the chorus but the rest of the song maintains an average area on the staff.

  13. I choose Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots because it has such a nice melody and sound to it. This song is conjunct in the beginning of the song because it all flows together. Towards the end of the song is slowly starts to be kind of disjunct. Car Radio isn’t that easy to sing along to unless you actually understand what they are saying in the song. The range goes from medium to low because the lead singer doesn’t go that high while singing. I really love that many different people could relate to this song and the band.

  14. My song choice is Lonely Girl by Tonight Alive. The song is in a minor key, and i would say it is disjunct. I would say that because the chorus’ “oh”s are quite higher than any other notes in the song. This causes big leaps between notes. For me personally, the song is difficult to sing because of the high chorus’. The melody is definitely important because it is what really pulls you in. The song is extremely catchy in my opinion. The lyrics are also amazing, but that’s a different story.

  15. The song I chose to analyze its melody is called “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift. This song has a great energy and beat to it. This would defiantly be a disjunct song. It has many ups and downs. I would consider this song a “workout” song because it is so upbeat and cheerful. It is a pretty easy song for anyone to sing. I love this song!

    • I agree that the song is some what hype and energetic. Its a really good song and is all cheerful and really upbeat.

  16. I chose “Interlude – Moving on” by Paramore. This song is mostly in the higher range with the exception of a few lower notes in the verses. It is in a major key and very happy and cheerful sounding. The melody is disjunct, and is a little hard to sing in my opinion. Having a higher range can make it easier to sing this song, but you also need to be able to jump the scale. The melody is important in this song, since there aren’t very many instruments used. I really love this song because it has a positive/silly message and it is very simple and cute.

  17. I chose “Cornerstone” by Arctic Monkeys because it has a disjunctive flow but there are times where is can be conjunctive. The range is relatively low because of the male singer which means that it’s easy to sing. The melody of the song is simple but sometimes in between verses and the chorus, the melody gets complicated. I believe it is very important to the song because it carries the lyrics and the story within the song. The song itself has a swing to it that easy to sing and dance along with.

  18. The song that I chose to use for this assignment is called “Little Bird” by Dr. Dog. I try not to listen to this song to much because I am in love with it, I don’t want to get sick of its sweet melody. The melody of this song is so pleasing to my ears because the harmony is amazing along with the whistling at the end which not a lot of songs have and thats also a unique quality of this outstanding song. Although for this assignment I had to listen to it a couple more times than usual to figure out the range. I believe that the range is not to big, but no small. Every new sound is in a way connected to the one before, moving up or down but in a row like a scale accept at points it gets high and at others it gets low. I don’t believe that this song is necessarily “easy” to sing but not hard at the same time. For singing this song you would have to try to stretch your voice mostly high which is why I would think it would be harder for a male than a female role to sing unless if its the lower harmony.

  19. I chose a very personal song to me entitled “Baby got back” by sir mixalot. Many people undermine this songs true genius. It is true that the melody is pretty simple and it only sticks to a couple notes but it’s repetitive nature makes the song memorable and a classic. The music is also very unique and has an interesting melody by itself. It features a wide array of instruments playing fast spread out notes and playing more held out melodic ones. The talking in the beginning also was pure genius, it mixes up the song while also adding a new perspective on a girls buttocks. Truly a genius. Brilliance and legendary. 😀

  20. My song choice is not a really popular song but is one of my favorites. It is “Moondust” by Jaymes Young. It has a very catchy chorus that you cannot get out of your head. The good thing is it also has the same slow beat during the verses. The song doesn’t have a huge range and is more in the lower register and is conjunct all the way through the song. The melody can be easily sung and is hard to get out of my head.

  21. I decided to go with a throwback and chose “My Love” by Justin Timberlake since ive been listening to it a lot lately. The ranges vary from a lower “E4” to a head voiced “E5” which isin’t easy for most male vocalists. It’s in a minor key and is both conjunct and disjunct since it starts out with the notes being close to eachother. Then it jumps to a higher octave. The lyrics are simple but the main focus of the song is really the strong beat and melody behind it.

  22. I chose to write about “Eye of the Needle” by Sia. The song, to me, is about how someone was so happy with one person, but his/her own problems got in the way of giving their best love. Now his/her chance at reuniting with that one person is as small as the eye of a needle. This song has an incredibly large range, probably because Sia Fuller is a music God! There is a very consistent melody, however it jumps around different notes, as if your voice is stepping on hot rocks. Although the melody is constant as it jumps throughout every note, it is one of the most catchy songs I have ever listened to. Considering it is a sad song, the melody is more overpowering than “Crazy In Love” by Beyonce. And believe me, that’s saying A LOT, especially coming from me! This song is definitely in my range, but it barely makes the cut. Singing it in my chest voice would be perfect, I just would have to use very careful, correct, and precise technique. So the tunefulness definitely works for me, and anyone could sing it. Wether they sing it and octave lower, head voice, chest voice, etc. Sia is really good at matching the melodies of her songs to the importance of the lyrics that she so beautifully writes. The melody is quite impressive, catchy, powerful, and captivating. Honestly, you could write any lyrics to that song and it would still be a great song because the melody practically owns the song.

    • I agree with you, sis! The melody is beautifully disjunct and very vital to this song. It is very catchy 🙂 It’s such a great melody that even though the words are great, you don’t need them to love the song!! 🙂

  23. I decided to listen to the song “Blue Jeans” by Lana Del Rey. I have been listening to her songs for a while now. I think the vocals change alot. At first its all normal then the pitch gets higher then it goes lower. The melody in the background is very sad and depressing because the violin sounds all deep and sad. To me, the lyrics repeat at a certain point but the lyrics have a deep meaning. I Feel that the song has a deeper meaning g from the lyrics and how the pitch is and how the song is put together.

  24. The song I choose is Clarie de Lune by Debussy. I’m totally in love with this song! I would say its both a conjuct and disjunct song. Possibly more disjunct. I say conjuct because the song stays at one scale for a while and you can hum to it until it is disjunct and you went from a high C to a low D. You then realize that you need to hum 2,3 notes at the same time if you wanna sound like the song. But it’s my favorite classical song ever and the melody is lovely

  25. The song that I have chosen to write about is called “Don’t Wake Me Up” by Lianne La Havas. Although the melody contains many conjunct elements, it tends to be more disjunct. While the song stays relatively high, the range sometimes jumps low. The tunefulness is pleasing to the ear, however, the song might be hard for someone who is not a trained vocalist to sing along with, due to its range and large melodic leaps. This melody is the driving force of the song, as it starts out a capella. Though the groovy beat carries the song along, the melody is the song’s foundation, and thus, most important part.

  26. I decided to choose “Demons” by Imagine Dragons. Demons is more of a disjunct song because of all the leaps that it has. Even though it isnt as high, the melody still bounces around everywhere. This song has a very catchy melody that you can sing to. It is very easy because its just repetition but very noticing. The melody of the song makes the song. Demons is known by its inspirational feeling and its on the edge feeling.

  27. For this assignment I chose the song Valerie by Amy Winehouse. I love the way she mixes blues with a bit of jazz to make a song that sticks in your head for hours. The song is conjunct and Amy goes pretty high in her chest voice which makes the song even more interesting. The melody is consistent in the music but when Amy sings the melody is not consistent.

  28. I choose the song “battle field” by jordan sparks. I chose this one because i really like that song and i like how in the background it sound a little dramatic. In the songs shes talking about the hardships of love. I love how in the song in the course its more calm and telling a little story talking the problems, then in the course her voice starts to rise and the background music sounds more dramatic. This song is great!

  29. Everyone’s song choice is Amaizing btw.
    But the song I choose is “Billionaire” by. Travie McCoy Ft. Bruno Mars. The first reason why I love the song is because I want to be a Billionaire myself, lol but also because it’s a positive message, it’s about dreams coming true and not to let anyone stop or ruin your dreams of becoming anything you want to be. When I listen to this song I close my eyes and just think about my future and how awesome it will be because I’m on the right path and I won’t let anyone or anything stop me from becoming an artist and billionaire in life, this is my dream and it will come true, I feel it..
    I also love the melody and the beat to the song, it’s very catchy and upbeat, it’s basically a positive party song, they should make more like that. And that’s my song choice… Thank you!

  30. I chose the song “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”. This wonderful song is by the band named Tame Impala. This song used to be one of my favorites. “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” has a very hypnotic and trance-like feeling to it. It is classified as psychedelic rock. It has a pretty wide range but it is still pretty easy to sing. It goes to low/medium during the verses. This song’s melody is disjunct in a smooth and mellow way. I believe that the melody is very important to the song because it evokes reverie.

    p.s. you should listen to it at least once

  31. For this assignment i have chosen the song “Somewhere Only We Know” by Kene. This song is probably my favorite song because I personally love the sappy lyrics and the cute tune (also his accent is to die for). This song has a small range and it is kind of mixed between conjunct and disjunct. It is very easy to sing and has a catchy hook. For this song the melody is very important. Please listen to it if you don’t know it already. P.S. make us some baked goods 🙂

  32. I just realized that I never actually did this, so here’s mine.
    I chose The Bed Song by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra. This song is very calm, sad, and conjunct until it gets to the bridge, which then is disjunct and harder to sing. Amanda’s range isn’t very large, so the song stays in one middle-ish range up until the bridge where she really strains her voice and manages to hit the higher notes. It’s a pretty song, and probably one of the saddest I’ve ever heard, and the melody makes up a huge part of it, Amanda’s voice and piano combined.

  33. I agree with Alex about it being able to be sung easily though I feel as if it’s a conjuct song with a wide range. I also feel as if it’s in a minor key but it’s always hard for me personally to decide whether it’s in major or minor. It’s also hard for me to pick out the melody. I like another song by them called radioactive and I feel like most of their songs are almost the same.

  34. For this assignment I chose the song “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colby Caillat because, I love the way their voices sound together and they make they perfect tune. Such a great harmony! They sang it in a lower key which made it the best love song! The guitar is my favorite instrument in the song, the best part is Jason has a lower voice than Colby and it sounds great how different their voices are and how beautiful It makes the song sound!

  35. i chose the song “At Last” by the beautiful Etta James. I enjoy this moving song immensely because i admire how Etta melodically expresses her feelings into her lyrics. The violins match the tune of her voice so well. Her range is always spot on and the switch between those octaves truly inspire me to practice everyday. Thanks Etta!!

  36. I chose the song Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. It is about being happy for someone you love if they are happy even if it is not with you. The song is beautiful and has a lot of emotion. It has a pretty big range with the very high parts and very low parts. Then again, what Demi Lovato song doesn’t! I personally am able to sing this song but it was pretty hard in the beginning since I wasn’t used to going so high or so low.

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