Mother Budgers

So one thing I am really having to get used to with my new job is the commute.  The drive time, without traffic, is only about 20 minutes or so, without traffic being the operative phrase.

My first class at CHAMPS is 2nd period and it starts at 9:00 so I officially have to be there at 8:45.  Now if you know me you know darn well that I cannot walk into my classroom 15 minutes before class starts and be ready to go.  Plus with only 2 planning periods total I need that first one.  Four days a week I have to take Bella to school and she starts at 8:00.  I take her at about 7:10 and she sits at the library or the picnic tables and does work before class starts.  (They have students who start school at 7:00 so there are plenty of people around.)  So “without traffic” I should be to work by 7:30ish.

Yeah, not so much.

I take the 118 to the 405 and get off at Sherman Way.  The 118 is usually pretty good.  It slows down a couple of times but not too awful.  I then have to get on the 405 for 3.75 miles.

3.75 miles…that is IT.  It takes me on average about 25 minutes to go those 3.75 miles with most of that time being used to sit in the traffic that is getting off at Sherman Way.  (The other day I sat for 20 minutes to get off the exit about 1 mile)

Two things about this really get to me.  The first one being that it isn’t consistent.  Some days I can make it in 35 minutes and some days it takes me 60 minutes.  With absolutely no rhyme or reason.  This gets to me because it doesn’t make any sense.  I hate things that don’t make sense.

The second thing that really gets to me, and this gets to the core of my hatred of all traffic situations, are the budgers.

You know who I am talking about.  You get over in the lane you need to be in to exit the freeway or to prepare for construction.  It is the only lane that has any sort of traffic in it, and people  fly around me and then budge in at the front of the line.  MANY MANY people do this to me EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Who do these people think they are?  Do they think they are better than ALL the people who are in line to exit?  ALL those people who have waited a very long time for their turn to exit.

Most of us learned not to cut in line in Kindergarten. Did all these people not go to elementary school?  I can’t IMAGINE seeing a huge line for, say, the biggest new movie out and walking up to the front and just walking in front of someone at the front of the line.  Would these same people not be upset if I budged in front of them in a line?

I try to breathe deep.  I try to listen to my favorite music.  I try to repeat the phrase “this isn’t bothering me”, I try to psyche myself up for it as I get on the freeway,  I even try to find my happy place.  But the “happy place” thing never works for me, it just makes me start to cry because I am not IN my happy place but stuck in the middle of rude people hell.

I think that might just be my hell.  Rude people.  I simply cannot stand people who are rude.  There is absolutely no reason for it.

My favorite was yesterday someone budged in front of the person in front of me with a “What would Jesus do?” bumper sticker.

OK Mr. Toyota Tercel driving budger, I am certainly not an expert on Jesus’ modus operandi but I am fairly certain that he would not be a budger.

To be honest more than likely he would be more tolerant of the budgers than I am, but this is why I am not the son of God.

More Later


3 thoughts on “Mother Budgers

  1. I have a recommendation that won’t even offend your backtracking rule (I think). Exit from the 118 at Woodley (right before the 405), go south on Woodley, left on Devonshire, right on Sepulveda, left on Sherman and you know the rest. When we lived in Sherman Oaks, I used surface streets a lot just to avoid the uncertainty. This may add 10 minutes to the “no traffic” time, but it will be the same 10 minutes every day.

    • OK that was going to be my next post. The fact that I am so scared to try an alternative route for fear that it will take me twice as long and I’ll be really late for class. But your endorsement might just make me give it a shot. Enjoy your day off today 🙂

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