Assignment #4 – Listening – Level 3/4

Our next listening assignment is to listen to Vocal Edge perform “Mercy”. You will need to write a 5 – 7 complete sentence paragraph and it should follow the rubric posted on my teacher page. This paragraph should be written as a critique of the performance. Talk about the arrangement of the piece, the tone quality of the group, and the overall performance enjoyment. You should post your answer in the comment section of this page, email it to me, or bring me a hard copy by:
Monday September 15, 2014 by 11:59 pm.

The assignment is worth 10 points.

Learning to listen to music with a critical ear is a very good skill to have as a musician.

I love you more than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Mrs R.

11 thoughts on “Assignment #4 – Listening – Level 3/4

  1. This performance had ups and downs. The piece was arranged well and the lead singer did a good job carrying the song along, however, the ensemble did not blend well. They hit the right notes, but their execution of the notes and pronunciation caused their different tones to clash at some points. They also lacked dynamics, appearing to be singing as loud as they possibly could throughout the entire song (also taking away from an ability to blend). On the upside, they were very lively in their performance, and executed the background harmonies well enough to make the performance quite enjoyable. The lead singer seemed to hit each and every note just right and her soulful vocal tone fits the song perfectly.

  2. The group overall did a good performance. The lead singer and the rest did great getting the notes rights but I didn’t feel real emotion. To me it looked like the singers were forcing the notes in the beginning. It also was rushed in my opinion. They didn’t blend well with each other because they were not listening to each other. A song as catchy and popular and fun to sing along to as this should be a great performance and pull in an audience to sing along. While I watched it I didn’t feel excited or wanting to sing along at all.

  3. I agree with Bricia when I say that they didn’t blend as well as they could have. I also think that they sounded really great and all did an amazing job with staying on key and holding their notes. Although, some notes did sound too forced, as if they had to sing them not as if they wanted to. By this I mean they did not seem emotionally invested in this song. They have the voice but not the heart that this song really needs.

    • Rachel! I totally agree with the last few sentences. There was no heart and soul in this song because in the original, Duffy brings her all. They did not execute that at all! I felt that the “no heart” aspect of the song was very disappointing.

  4. Even though they didn’t blend well with each other this was rather nice. I liked how they seemed to be having fun, moving around, and interacting with the other singers. They did stick to the right notes while singing, but the dynamics weren’t there. At times it seemed that they sang too much that they over sang the lead singer. The lead however, has a great voice that really matched this song.

  5. I honestly don’t know where to begin with this piece. I’m confused as to whether this was supposed to be serious or just comical. Throughout the song, the voices of each individual singer seemed to clash instead of blend together as it should. The lead was also a little sloppy on her parts because she sometimes sung the parts right and then other times she just played around with them. The only part that I feel was actually decent was the “yeah” after the “you got me beggin'” sequence. Once again, it is hard to tell whether this performance was actually serious or just a joke to entertain people to fully critique it.

  6. I thought the piece was alright. It could have been done better. I felt that the singers were very sloppy and did not blend well together. I had felt very lost while watching the piece because it was all over the place. The only person that I had thought who carried the song was the lead singer. He was on his game for the most part and did his PART as the lead singer. At times, I had felt that the other singers were off key. In addition to that, I had also thought this was some comedy sketch. It had looked like the singers did not take it seriously. I believe that performers should have fun, but not be too silly and sloppy.

  7. I thought that this group did not blend well at all. They were all overpowering each other and, most importantly, the lead singer. I really disliked the corny, awkward unnecessary dance moves. It seemed more like a task than a performance. I thought the lead singer was very good but her placement was all wrong. She should have been in the middle of the group. They looked like they were having fun, so that’s always fun to watch but the beat-boxing was unnecessary since the rhythm in the song is so specific.

  8. The choir’s movement looked awkward. They were all pretty good individually, but thats the problem. I shouldn’t be able to hear each of the singers individually. They need to learn how to blend and or mix as a whole. The male was way too loud, nearly shouting and I could hear him and the girl in the red skirt more than anything. It’s also really weird that the lead singer was in the corner the whole time and that she’s reading lyrics off of an ipad!!! I couldn’t even hear her most of the time she was overpowered by the vocalists.

  9. The best thing about their performance is that they had fun. Yes they were clashing but ultimately, what would you like to have? A perfect sounding serious group, or a group that is ok but with a lot of energy? They needed to practice a lot more because this sounds like they just put it together before this show. Sounds okay but looks good.

  10. I did not enjoy this performance of “mercy”. I felt the choir was placed oddly and should have been placed in a dome formation or on bleachers. The main soloist was all the way in the end of the line, and should have been placed in the middle or walked to the middle when sang her part. I did like the energy the performers displayed throughout the song. They seemed to enjoy their time on stage. I also admired the fantastic beat boxing. For the most part, I did not enjoy this:(.

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