Assignment #4 – Listening – Level 1

Our next listening assignment is to listen to The Eagles perform “Seven Bridges Road”. You will need to write a 5 – 7 complete sentence paragraph and should follow the rubric posted on my teacher page. This paragraph should be written on the topic of the texture and the timber of the piece. You should also tell me what genre this piece of music should be in and why. You should post your answer in the comment section of this page, email it to me, or bring me a hard copy by:

Monday September 15, 2014 by 11:59 pm.

The assignment is worth 10 points.

Learning to listen with a critical ear will make you a better musician.

I love you more than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Mrs. R.

23 thoughts on “Assignment #4 – Listening – Level 1

  1. Listening to the “Seven Bridges Road” cover by the Eagles made me smile. It was a beautiful song that they sang. The texture of this song was very soft. Its personal quality that stuck out to me most was the fact that the Eagles made it a country song. I like country music and they performed it well. I felt it landed in the “country” genre because of their accents, and the instruments(I heard guitar and banjo). I personally prefer it this way because it was the most genuine.

  2. I really like this song my aunt and I would always listen to it together so ahhh good memories. This song is a very clam but meaning full song, even if it just talking about whats on the other side of a bridge, you can still feel the meaning and or thought and love behind it. I feel as if this song falls into the genre of country because of the sound of it and how it is performed but you can make this song fall into whatever genre if you “redo” or pick up the beat and or change the style of singing and the interments chosen.

  3. This song was executed beautifully! I liked how the whole song had harmony because some songs do have the whole song in harmony but it doesn’t sound good. The texture of the song was mellow, soft, and slow. I would think the genre of this song was country and soft rock maybe. Either way i liked and was singing along with it!

  4. This song is pretty catchy! Like Madison said, the harmonies were incredible and I had fun dancing in my chair to this song. I think that the genre of this song would lie somewhere in the country section. I’m not usually into country music, but this song is different and fun! The texture of this song was soft, slow, but fun! I LOVE it!

  5. I really liked the way the Eagles sang this song. The way that there voices melded together was so pretty and it sounded very soft but strong at the same time. I could barely tell the voices apart and certain times. I feel that this song would go under the country genre because of the banjo and the sound of the Eagles voices but i also think it was kinda mixed with classic rock. I wish they did this song in the recording studio and not just live!

  6. I think the Eagles performed “Seven Bridges Road” masterfully. I especially enjoyed the way each of their voices blended together without overpowering eachother. I could hear when the soprano hit the high notes in a head voice-mix, as well as the lower notes of the tenor. I thought the addition of the guitar gave the song a more personal vibe. I found the arrangement original because the rich tone of the voices and the soft and smooth tone of the guitar are not a particularly usual combination. I think this song belongs in the folk genre.

  7. I really love the harmonies and it was really great. That banjo/guitar was great! like somebody said i usually don’t really enjoy country but i kinda got a feel for it. i really love the way everything just had a place and it all meshed and it was like a puzzle and it was really great. I like it :3

  8. In my opinion, the music was great and the harmonies sounded on point. I do not think that the images the video had matched with the music, although thats just my opinion. I enjoyed the fact that the banjo was an instrument being played in the song. The song sounded very bluegrassy to me! Bluegrass is a sub genre of country music. Bluegrass originated in the Appalachian mountains. Usually when i think of the eagles i don’t think of bluegrass style music, i like that they showed their versatility. Overall it was great.

    • I really agree about your opinion about the images. It didn’t make sense at all. Or at least in my opinion. The photos kind of made me lost. I was expecting for the band to be playing in a concert.

  9. They are was really good
    What distinguishes Steve Young’s classic Seven Bridges Road — a follow-up to the well-received A&M album Rock Salt and Nails — is the appearance of Young’s signature tunes: the title track; “Lonesome, On’ry & Mean,” which was a smash for Waylon Jennings as an outlaw anthem and established Young as a songwriter for many other country stars; and the melodic jeremiad “Montgomery in the Rain.” Seven Bridges Road is also the most purely “country” record Young ever issued. There is no rock & roll on this set, and there aren’t any folk songs either. It’s pretty much a honky tonk record in the Merle Haggard vein, with a voice equally influenced by the West Coast folk-rock sound. Nashville’s session cats — including Pete Drake on pedal steel, fiddle ace Buddy Spicher, harmonica player Charlie McCoy, Elvis sideman D.J. Fontana, producer and pianist David Briggs, and more than a dozen others — contributed to the album. All but three tracks were written or co-written by Young; of the covers, his read of Haggard’s “I Can’t Hold Myself in Line” is a stunner. On the humorous side, “The White Trash Song” — performed with the Last Mile Ramblers — is a stomping electric bluegrass number that hints at the more rockist direction Young would be heading in on future recordings. But it is on the three bona fide classics that we encounter a fully developed Young, not only as a songwriter, but as a singer. In particular, “Seven Bridges Road” and “Montgomery in the Rain” offer a writer who has taken everyone from Thomas Wolfe to Hank Williams and turned them into something completely his own: prosaic, profound, and scathingly original. This is a bona fide masterpiece. [A Chinese version was also released.]

  10. Ive listened to this song so many times. Its one of those songs that gets stuck in your head, and no matter what genre you like, even if you dont like rock, you’ll still like this song. Its really mellow and soft. It has a lot of meaning. I cant even explain how much i love this song.

  11. I think the song was great. I love the blend of all the vocals and the harmonies it was beautiful .It was a soothing and soft song .The sound of the banjo was really nice and it sounded good. Its a catchy song that will get stuck in your head. The genre of the song sounded a bit like country, even though I don’t like country music it was a nice song .

  12. I think the song was great. I was expecting it to be deep but it turned out different. The song turned out all country style. The song left soft and smooth like silk. It was steady and calm. The vocals were slow but ended a little fast. I really don’t listen to country song but this song was okay.

  13. I think “Seven bridges road” by Eagles is a great and funny song, I heard it and It makes me feel like I’m Amish and in the cornfield just singing to that song. I think the melody is awesome and the way it’s sung is so catchy and fun to dance to.

  14. I love how all of their voices were blended tover her, you can hear each individual voice without one overpowering another and the way the banjo or guitar is also incoporated to blend in too and make their voices sound beautiful. I believe this song falls under the country genre and its texture is just soft and placid. This song is a beautiful song and my dad loves this song too.

  15. All of their voices blend together perfectly. I love how it is just their voices in the beginning instead of heavy music in the background like nowadays. It makes the song seem intense and interesting. The texture of the song is soft and the genre is country and a little classic rock. The country is obvious with the banjo but i picked classic rock because their voices sound so much like classic rock singers and how well they did their harmonies. It is a really nice song.

  16. I like this song! The texture of the song is upbeat but has very smooth transitions between the verses and chorus. There were really cool harmonies which added a very folky sound to the song. This song sounds like its genre would be country/folk.

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