Written Assignment #3 – Vocal Techniques

Our third assignment is to answer the following questions. This will take a little research on the internet.
What is the meaning behind the song “Mercy” by Duffy
Post your answer as a comment, email it to me, or bring me a hard copy. Your answer should be in paragraph form and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page.  The assignment is worth 10 points.

This is Due Monday September 8, 2014 by 11:59 pm.



9 thoughts on “Written Assignment #3 – Vocal Techniques

  1. The song “Mercy” by Duffy is a very typical girl love song. She’s totally under this guys spell “I don’t know what it is but you got me good”. Duffy knows that every girl has been in this situation and the song is very relatable. This whole idea of falling for some guy and you can’t even help it, even though it might not be right so us girls just want that guy to screw up somehow and show us mercy. Throughout the whole song Duffy expresses her needs and wants yet keeps proclaiming that she’s so in love with this guy and under his spell.

  2. Duffy’s “Mercy” is about a girl who is madly in love with another person. She has never experienced anything like this and the love is so strong it’s like magic. She is letting her lover know that he/she has complete control over her but she wants him/her to cut her some slack and let her be independent again. He/she knows how charming he/she is and that he/she has this crazy hold on the singer, so the singer is asking to be released and to not be so attached. However, her love is deep.

  3. The song “Mercy” is about a girl who is in love with someone and was being captivated by that person. She couldn’t help but fall for him even though it might not be right and that she wanted him to show her mercy. Even though shes in love with him, she wants to let go, but since he’s so perfect she can’t let go of him. She’s asking to be released from this love, but she can’t. This song relates to people because its about a girl falling for someone that is perfect to their eyes. Its a situation that a lot of people find themselves in.

  4. “Mercy” by Duffy could be open to many different interpretations and meanings. I believe that this song is particularly talking about someone who is in love with her significant other and how much he pulls her into his “spell” everyday. The meaning of mercy is to show some sort of compassion or pity towards an enemy. In the song, she begs her lover to release her so she can be free from him and focus on herself. Basically, it shows that even when this love may seem wrong, her significant other makes her believe it to be right.

  5. “Mercy” is about a girl who is simply in love with a guy but there is a conflict. She is his mistress. She is beginning to question her values as a human being. This is the last straw for the girl because she wants to be the only romantic interest in his life. It is very difficult for her to admit this because she is very attracted to him; the girl wants her lover to leave her alone, so she can properly move on, and show her “mercy.”

  6. The song “Mercy” is about a girl whos fallen in love with a guy that isin’t attached to her. She expresses that he has complete control over her and has her under his “spell”. This is where she comes to realize that and decideds that she wants him to fall for her too. But at the same time, she knows that could never happen so she asks him to stop tying her down “playing games” and let her be independent.

  7. “Mercy” by Duffy has many stories that can be told by that one song. The most popular meaning that “Mercy” can be interpreted as is the guy being so perfect that the girl cannot let go. The reason why that is, is because of the lyrics “you got me begging you for mercy.” It may also mean the other way around, as for most boys. This song in particular has good rhythm even though the message of the song explains a woman trying to let go of a perfect man. This is why this song is very special.

  8. The song “Mercy” is an emotional pop love song about having a feeling towards someone that you don’t want, and you want to be released from the feeling as much as possible. This guy is playing games and you don’t like it so you want to get away.

  9. The song “Mercy” by Duffy, is a song about a woman tragically in love. The song explains how Love can be the most wonderful thing, but at times it can be a disaster. You can end up loving the other being so much that you end up on your knees begging them for Mercy.

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