Listening Assignment #1 Level 3

Listening Assignment #1 Level 3
Our first listening assignment is to listen to and compare and contrast the two versions of “Fa Una Canzona” by Vecchi.

This is Due Tuesday September 2, 2014 by 11:59 pm.
Compare and contrast the two versions of the following youtube links. You can talk about recording quality, vowel shapes, intonation, and overall performance enjoyment.

Post your answer in the comment section of this post. It should be in paragraph form, 5-7 complete sentences, and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page. The assignment is worth 10 points.

Love you more than my shoe collection!!

Mrs. R.

12 thoughts on “Listening Assignment #1 Level 3

  1. The Robert Shawe version had a lot of bursts— ( i dont know what its called) and what I mean by that is that its very quiet and then it would get very loud then it would get very quiet etc. It also had a lot of echoes. The Robert Shawe version sounded like it was recorded in a church where they really had to use its internal structure/design to help with the volume of their voices. The highschool performance was just as good compared to the older version. I found the highschool performance more enjoyable to watch because it is more relatable because Im also in highschool and I was able to see their facial expressions.

  2. The Robert Shaw Chorale sounds a lot more professional in terms of vowel shapes, recording quality and intonation. In the Robert Shaw Chorale, there was a broader variety of voices. Both choirs sang the first line in a forte-like volume then repeated the phrase in a piano-like volume. The Robert Shaw Chorale used rounder tones. The more professional choir was also a lot faster than the high school choir. I enjoyed listening to the Robert Shaw Chorale in particular; their performance was practically flawless.

    • The Robert Show Chorale sounded just more professionally put together than the high school one. Even though it was better, I still have to hand it to the high school choir were flawless as well. They performed it so professionally well, that there literally no error. The reason why the Robert Shaw Chorale was better was because they were all singing in unison like voices. The high school choir sounded more colorful and that was excellent. The Robert Show Chorale sounded more black and white (in a good way).

  3. The Robert Shaw Chorale sounded a lot more professional than the high school choir. Although both choirs had the same intention, they did not execute the same. They both controlled their sound by singing first in forte then in piano. The Robert Shaw Chorale, however, blended excruciatingly better; they all sounded like one person. As for the high school choir, you could pick out certain voices during their performance. Overall both did an impeccable job, but the Robert Shaw Chorale was significantly better. I enjoyed the Robert Shaw Chorale more because their singing sounded a lot more professional.

  4. Okay, I don’t know why the website says I posted my comment that late. I posted it at exactly 7:57 pm on the 2nd of September. I promise I did it on time. I’m not sure why it did that.

  5. The Robert Shaw Chorale’s arrangement of the song definately had a fuller sound since there were what sounded like a large amount of vocals for each section. However, even though both choirs would switch from a piano volume to forte on certain phrases, each choir seemed to put more of an emphasis on different parts. For example, the high school choir went from piano to forte on “Dolcemente, dolcemente facendo la finire.” While the Robert shaw chorale continued to sing it with a piano volume up until “Per entro non vi spargere durezze”. Another thing i noticed was that The high school choir sang it in B flat while the Robert Shaw Chorale sang it in B maj. But if i had to pick between the two it would be the Robert Shaw Chorale because its faster and the song sounds better in Bmaj rather than B flat.

  6. One could definitely tell that the first group consisted of high school students. They had a much smaller sound than the Robert Shawe Chorale. They looked as if they were bored to tears on stage which was not very professional. The Robert Shawe Choral sounded like real Italian speakers were singing! The sound was full and was incredibly joyful! They also had better acoustics! Both were delightful!

  7. For these two videos, I believe that both sound great but the choir in the second video sounds more organized. In the first video, the voices of the school choir seem to blend in and out so there are times where their voices are in sync and there are times where they are not. Also, the enunciation of the words sung by the school choir are unclear where as each word in the professional choir can be heard and understood. In comparison, both videos were able to control their dynamics in regard to the melody of the song. However the choir in the second video was able to sing the song with intention.

  8. Both versions were performed well, however, the Robert Shaw Chorale’s version was much more professional in terms of execution, style, and sound quality. The Chorale blended divinely, making it very difficult to pick out parts. The high school choir did not blend as well, and at times, came off sounding somewhat shriek-like. Though vowel shapes were generally executed somewhat well, this effect could have been eliminated with perfect execution, as demonstrated by the Chorale. The Chorale masterfully demonstrated the dynamics and transitioned smoothly between the different dynamics, whereas the high school choir abruptly switched from forte to piano. The Chorale’s singers also seemed to connect to the music more passionately than did the high school students. All these factors made the Robert Shaw Chorale’s performance much more powerful and effective than that of the high school choir.

  9. The 1st video with the students was alright. I didn’t think it was anything special. The audio quality wasn’t that great. They did it a lot faster than I expected the song to actually be, yet it didn’t feel rushed they had good tempo. The only thing that I didn’t like was that during the song you could hear one alto louder than the rest. I don’t think they blended well as a whole, for most of the song.

    The second video had terrible audio quality also. I liked that it wasn’t a video and it was just their audio recording. I think a lot of harsh judgement follows after watching a video and seeing high school students singing it compared to just listening to them with an open mind. This choir did it even faster than the last video! It almost felt rushed. They had a different style of singing, definitely different vowel shapes.

  10. Both versions of the song was greatly sang, but the Robert Shaw Chorale version sounded more professional in terms of sounds, blends, and organization. It also seems like the people that sang it were also professionals and not high school students like the Wantagh High School video. When you look at the videos the 1st one had a video of the students singing, and it looked like they didn’t want it sing the song, they didn’t blend as well, and at a few points in the song it seemed like they were not in sync. The Chorale made the different transitions run smoothly without any problems, and the Wantagh one seemed to have a little difficulty with transitioning. Overall, both of the videos sounded great.

  11. I preferred the Robert Shaw Corale version. I feel like the song had more professional singers than the young choir in the first video. The Corale was a bit faster and more pronounced with their vowels. The quality of their specification was more enjoyable. They had a clear forte and then a very softly-abrupt tranquillo. This is probably because the Corale Choir was a real and professional choir where as the 1st video had probably a high school Choir.

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