Listening Assignment #1 Level 2

Listening Assignment #1 Level 2
Our first listening assignment is to listen to and compare and contrast the two versions of “Philomela Lost Her Love” by Morley.
This is Due Tuesday September 2, 2014 by 11:59 pm.
Compare and contrast the two versions of the following youtube links. You can talk about recording quality, vowel shapes, intonation, and overall performance enjoyment.

You should post your answer in the comments section.  It should be in paragraph form, 5-7 complete sentences, and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page.  The assignment is worth 10 points.

Love you more than my shoe collection!!

Mrs. R.

11 thoughts on “Listening Assignment #1 Level 2

  1. I really enjoyed both groups. The first group did not have as many people as the second group. In the beginning of the second video, you could hear the piano. The second group was full of beginners. Every one in both videos are great singers. If i had to choose one based on their best performance, I’d choose the second one because not only they were great, but they have more elements.

  2. It is really hard to pick one I prefer the most since they both great performances. But after a hour of intense listening (OK, maybe that was a exaggeration) I decided that I prefer the first group. While listening to the first group, I was daydreaming I was at a Renaissance era village of some sort with Knights in shining armor, dragons, and food (Oh look, they’re called the Erie Renaissance Singers, what a coincidence) and I really enjoy performances that can bring me that kind of excitement. The second group was also enjoyable but It kinda felt dull (That was really hard for me write down) and it didn’t bring me the same excitement as the first group. I have no doubt if they become more advance and added some kind of theme and/or element just like the Renaissance Singers did, I perhaps might have enjoy both performances equally.


  3. I liked listening to both groups. The second group had way more people.The way the second group sang their vowels were different from the first group.The first group had less singers and I felt that have them more of a pleasant sound. The first group rounded their vowels when singing. Over all I think both groups did an amazing job. I do however prefer the first group, I felt like their sound was more professional.

  4. Both groups had a very powerful impact with the harmonies however the first group is more impressive because they only have a few singers. The first group also had more mature voices and more control over it because of their age. The second group was younger but had a huge amount of people which made the harmonies strong. Im not familiar with the song but they both sang it wonderfully.

  5. Of the two groups, the second was the one that sounded more like the seventh and sometimes eighth sounds like. While more disorganized, it in my opinion is a nice blending of different types of tones. The first, while sounding better, seemed to me to lack energy. that goes with experience. When you know you can do it, you lose interest and becomes lazy, giving you a half-assed attempt at a song. The children were singing because they wanted to impress their parents. Motivation. That’s how you complete the song. I prefer the second over the first because of the energy.

  6. Both groups sounded nice, however I liked the first group more because they had a clearer sound. That may have just been the recording quality, but they really sounded nice and looked like they were having a good time with their singing, meanwhile the second group looked pretty bored, although that’s not to say that they weren’t good. The first group, I noticed, had a higher sound, but were richer with their harmonies. Though, for a beginner’s choir made up of kids, the second group did very well!

  7. I don’t know which group I like best. But both groups had a different amount of people in the choir. The first group had a bigger sound and were more clear, because of the vowel shapes. The second group didn’t sound confident in their voices. I think i like the first group more, because of the pleasant vocals in the choir. But both choirs were great

  8. This comment might not sound very intelligent. But I honestly preferred the first video of the women’s choir over the beginner choir. The women’s choir showed that they worked hard to balance out their voices so each one could be heard, while the children’s choir was more armature and it was hard to hear the altos in the performance. To be short here, the women’s choir was more enjoyable to listen to & the children’s needs some more work (or a better microphone).

  9. Both groups sounded great, but i personally enjoy the first group better. Even though, there were less people, they were more clear and loud and put power into the lyrics. I feel that the second group didn’t try as hard to pronounce there words loud enough. I also could not hear the altos as much in the second group, so that kinda threw me off. Over all they were both good, but I would say that the first group was my favorite.

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