Listening Assignment #1 Level 1

Listening Assignment #1 Level 1
Our first listening assignment is to listen to and compare and contrast the two versions of “O Occhi Manza Mia” by Vecchi.

This is Due Tuesday September 2, 2014 by 11:59 pm.

Compare and contrast the two versions of following youtube links. You can talk about recording quality, vowel shapes, intonation, and overall performance enjoyment.

Post your answer in the comment section of this post.  It should be in paragraph form, 5-7 complete sentences, and should follow the rubric that is posted on my teacher page.  The assignment is worth 10 points.

Love you more than my shoe collection!!

Mrs. R.


21 thoughts on “Listening Assignment #1 Level 1

  1. I think both groups did very well. In my opinion the first video was more entertaining. They captured the audiences’ attention a lot more. The second was also very good but they didn’t sing like from the heart. For me having them just stand there and sing was kind of boring. But both groups were very good in singing the right notes and articulating the lyrics.

  2. In the first video:
    – they looked like they were having fun
    – they dressed different, it looked like they had a choice on what to wear although still a dress code
    – it had good audio
    – they were making noticeable shapes with their mouths (good)
    – they looked happy
    – they moved around and had fun with it
    – they had a fast happy beat to the song
    – the camera was not steady

    In the second video:
    – they looked like they weren’t having fun
    – they were all dressed exactly the same
    – the music sounded sad
    – the audio sounded good
    – the beat/tempo was not as fast
    – they didn’t move around, they stood still while they were singing
    – the camera was very shaky

    In my opinion the first video was more enjoyable and fun, the second, not so much; even though they both sounded pretty.

  3. I think the first group sounded louder, stronger and was more interesting to watch. The second group was softer and more quiet. The first group looked like they were having a lot of fun because they were moving around and the second group was a little more sad because they looked like they would rather be somewhere else. Both of the audios in the videos were pretty good. Both of the groups were very talented and they all had pretty voices but the first group portrayed the sound better than the second group

  4. I think they were both great performances. The first one was much better quality, with a HD camera. The girls were wearing the same outfits, and the boys were wearing the same outfits. However, the second video was much more shaky, and low quality/blurry. All the students(boys and girls), were wearing the same outfits which I, personally prefer. I think it is classier that they all wear one simple outfit so that the audience pays attention to what they hear, and not what they look at. Overall, I enjoyed the second video better because they were more coordinated.

  5. I enjoyed the first video much more than the second one. But I didn’t like how in the first one they moved around a lot, it may have been part of the performance but it was very distracting. The audio was much better in the first video and I liked there dress code a lot more than the group who had to wear robes. I personally thought they were hideous . It also seemed although the first group had much more fun in what they were singing. Overall both the groups were excellent and talented.

  6. While both groups executed the song impeccably, the first one caught my attention more than the second. The first group was louder, and had more energy through each vowels. They looked like they were enjoying their ability to sound like a choir of angels. Whereas the second group was much more prestigious and sang as one. The first group was singing as one, but you could pick out each part and some voices were more distinct than others. Also, the contrast in pronunciation of vowels within the first group was very dominant. The second group made each vowel sound like the last, but in a good way; they blended their vowels and their sounds a little better than the first group.

    • Honestly, I really enjoyed the first one a lot more than I did the second one. In fact, I had to watch the second video twice to really grasp the comparisons between the two, which there were none beside the fact that each group sang the same song. The first group looked like they were enjoying their time, thus I enjoyed watching them enjoy their art.

  7. I noticed the first group seemed to sing at a faster tempo than the second. Also, the second group tended to darken their vowels, giving them a more solemn presence and tone. I think the first group was more enjoyable to watch. However, the second group had a better tone. Overall, I think they both did a great job.

  8. The first group had more energy and were having lots of fun. The second group was singing the song with emotion, they sang it slower. So i enjoyed the first group more.

  9. Well both of these performances where every different but in my option i believe that the first videos was overall better than the second video. In the first video they where moving to the song had nicer looking clothes and it just looked like they enjoyed what they where doing. In the second video it was almost as if they where forced to sing because they looked like such robots when they sang they just didn’t show any emotion. With that said i enjoyed the first video more than the second.

  10. The first group had more energy and was more entertaining to watch. The second group looked bored and like they did not want to sing the song anymore.

  11. I think the first group’s performance was more entertaining and they captured the audiences attention. The second group did really well but i felt that there performance was a little boring and I didn’t enjoy is as much as i did with the first one. The first group sound amazing and energetic and the second group sound amazing but not as energetic. I think the second group sang the song with emotion while the first group sang the song while having fun and lots of energy. Both groups did amazing in two different ways.

  12. #1:
    I really liked the sound that they had.
    they looked really happy (that was so cute because they were all so smiley)
    they had good mouth forms
    they for sure knew what they were doing and were really excited about performing
    they looked like they really enjoyed every bit of being there
    good audio! bad lighting
    lots of good vibes for sure
    fast and fun

    not as excited
    they were a good group but i didn’t feel like they liked being in that group together
    honestly those robes were hideous
    they had a great presence
    they had emotion
    it felt dark for some reason

    Overall they both had some great qualities. It felt to me that the first video was more pleasant to watch but they both were very good. 🙂

  13. I think both performances were great. But in the first video the performers were more up beat and enjoyed performing . And gave the song more flavor and was more entertaining, than the performers in the second video .In the second performance they sang the song more gentle and didn’t put as much emotions into singing and didn’t grab my attention. But both had a great tone of voice, and both performances were both very different .

  14. In my opinion, they both did great. They both had energy and loud voices. They also looked very happy and looked like they had a fun time. They did have some differences. In the first video, the group had good vibes but terrible lighting and their song were more up beat or hype. In the other video, they didnt look as exited as the first group and they had emotion. In general, they both did a great job.

  15. In my opinion I think they were both awesome, they had a lot of energy and loved to dance and entertain, they make you want to just join in with them, so I cannot decide.

  16. I liked both the videos. The NYU group had a much fuller sound. The La Plata HS group was more mellow and soft.They also sang it a bit slower. Both the groups had really pretty harmonies.

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