It Was the Best of Times It Was the Worst of Times

OK I am starting on my second full week at CHAMPS and I can’t believe my weary bones have made it this far.  It has beenalmost a comedy of errors.  For example: My sister graciously decided to donate all of the choral CD’s and DVD’s that my step dad had in his house to CHAMPS.  My mom, being the wonderful mom she is, boxed them all up and sent them to me.   It turned out to be four boxes.  Two of them came last week to the main campus down the street (about a 4 minute walk from my room).  I was so excited to get these and asked how I could get them to my room.  Without laughing at me too much the nice office worker said “You’ll need to carry them, or get a student to come get them”.  Well, you all know that I wasn’t going to have a student do that, so I headed out to get them.  As I was walking back to my room down Van Nuys Blvd with two boxes in my arms my shoe decided to break.  So I am shuffling one foot with the broken shoe trying not to drop all the boxes…oh did I mention it was about 90 degrees out?  So one broken shoe traded for 2 boxes of CD’s and DVD’s and now a pull cart that Rich remembered we had in the garage and quickly put in my car.

I have had 405 road rage about every other day.  I have had copiers break on me mid job with only 5 minutes to get the copies to class.  I have had my class rosters change as much as twice daily.  Rich has cooked and cleaned up dinner for the past week and a half so that I could come home and catch up on lesson plans and grading.

I could concentrate all of my energy on all the things that have been really tough about starting at a new school so very different from my old one.  I could moan and groan all day about how public school is underfunded and how the teachers are overworked.  I could panic at the overwhelming task of preparing the singers for this monumental musical before mid-November.

Trust me I have done all of those things quite a bit. 

However, today I am deciding to try to focus on the fact that I have colleagues and administrators  that are constantly helping me out.  I am focusing on the amazingly talented students that walk through the door on a daily basis and expect me to be ready to show them how it is done.  I am focusing on all of my friends and family who are supporting me through this learning curve that I find my self struggling to get around.

And when I sit really still, and breathe really deep the overriding voice in my head tells me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

That is a good feeling.

More Later


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