Well, Hello There

OK.  So I am really trying to keep this blog going.  I really am.  I cannot believe how busy I have been.  I have never worked so hard in my life.  I know people say that as an exaggeration, but I seriously mean it.  I have no budget at the moment so I am having to arrange public domain music for the groups I have.  Since I missed most of my teacher meetings I didn’t get my class lists until the day before classes started and come to find out I don’t have 3 choirs I have 5!!!  Most with very few boys in them (so out the window with all the things I planned before I left).  If there were no boys it would almost be easier, but since there are a few I have to find parts for them to sing…or arrange parts for them to sing.

Long story short I am exhausted and exhilarated all at the same time.

How is that possible?

One minute I am thinking…I have no idea what I am doing because they are not understanding what I am trying to teach them (it is so different from what they did last year) and then the very next second they look at each other and say…”Did we just do that? That sounds so cool!!”

How is that possible?

One minute I am thinking that this girl in the back row isn’t buying what I am selling and then the next minute she is coming up to me after class asking me if she can give me a hug and thanks me for being here.

How is that possible?

Oh, my this is going to be an adventure.

I have a couple of thank you’s I need to get out.


My good friends came and surprised me at school on Friday.  They brought me these goodies, and I got to kiss their cute daughter’s face.  I never knew that reams of paper and print cartridges would make me happy.  I knew that the peanut butter cups would 🙂

I got a message from my mom today who is sending me a significant amount of money as a donation to my music budget so I can stop stressing about not having music.

(If you are looking to donate to a great cause head on over to my It Takes a Village Page and see how you can help.)

I get really choked up when I think about how much these people care about me and my new students.  I really do get a little teary eyed.  I am so blessed.

Yesterday was the last of the first days of schools for my family so I thought I share some of the pictures from our first days.

10550943_10204393954917039_506907702206657223_n 10495335_947039795321685_2540799331782879285_o

The first was Sami and Tyler.  They started the same day as me.  Tyler is is fifth grade, and Sami is starting 2nd grade.

Joseph started the 2nd grade this year, at a brand new school!!

My niece Abby started Pre-K and I am pretty sure that when she holds this sign up as a senior in high school it will still say that she wants to be a princess.

10628388_10100693830690081_5915305355604854456_nOur Simi girls started yesterday.  Bella is a freshman at a new school and Sarah is a junior.  Oh my word.

IMG_1833 IMG_1829Then there is me.

IMG_1821I had to do a selfie because no one else had to start with me this year, so no picture takers.

It will be an interesting year all around.

More Later




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