Oh My Goodness Finally – Assignment 1

Wow we finally get to get started on this amazing journey together.  If you haven’t gathered yet, I am very excited.

Our first blog assignment is to answer the following question.  You will put your answer into the comment section of this post.

This is Due Monday August 25, 2014 by 11:59 pm.

Describe 5 – 7 things about you that are completely true.

An example of one thing would be: I have to be in bed by 10:00 pm.  I have to be in my bed by 10:00 pm because I need a full 8 hours of sleep or I am a nightmare to deal with.

The comment should be in paragraph form and should follow the rubric that is posted in the Items of Interest tab.  The assignment is worth 10 points.

You will get an extra 5 points if you post a comment about someone else’s comment.






110 thoughts on “Oh My Goodness Finally – Assignment 1

  1. One thing about me is that I am very flexible. Second, I have had straight hair my whole life. Third, I make wicked good desserts. Fourth, I have one older brother in college, and he is one of my best friends 🙂 Fifth, I love to sing and act, and I have been this way my whole life. Sixth, I HATE roller coasters. I can’t even go on space mountain at disneyland :/

  2. 7 things that are true about me is:
    1) i love to perform
    2) i want to be a neuro-scientist
    3) i love to talk
    4) i don’t get nervous unless i’m unprepared
    5) i love to be busy
    6) Disney movies are my favorite movies
    7) i’m gullable

  3. 7 things that are true about me is:
    1) I love the piano
    2) I love to perform 3rd movements
    3) I’ve been playing for 12 years
    4) I’m currently working on a Nocturne
    5) I take my school work serious
    6) My favorite book is “A Child Called It”
    7) My favorite drink is Brisk Iced Tea

  4. 7 things that are true about me:

    1) I’m obsessed with My Chemical Romance.
    2) I have an older sister that also goes to CHAMPS.
    3) Tumblr is life.
    4) I always drink tea before i go to bed.
    5) I’m obsessed with hot sauce I literally bring it everywhere.
    6) I’m in Sea Scouts.
    7) Sleeping is the best.

  5. 6 things that are true about me is that first, I’m a very shy person. Second, I only have 1 older brother. Third, my favorite color is blue. Fourth, I love to hang out with my family. Fifth, I don’t like any kind of tea and sixth, ive never been on an airplane before.

  6. 8 Facts about me :
    1. I love listening to old school rap music my favorite artists are Tupac, Dr. Dre, and I love Adele.
    2. I love to sing I’ve been singing since I was 6.
    3. I have 3 dogs and a little brother.
    4. I love to text my friends everyday.
    5. I’m really close to my family.
    6. I want to be a Homicide Detective when I grow up.
    7. I love watching the Investigation Discovery channel.
    8. I could be on Vine all day.

  7. 7 facts about me
    1) the upright bass was my first instrument but i don’t remember how to play it
    2) I’m not a big fan of scary movies
    3) Love most genres of music BUT I love country music the most ❤
    4) I'm probably the slowest shoe tie-er ever
    5) I'm a coffee drinker
    6) I don't really like amusement parks
    7) My favorite season is fall

  8. 7 Facts About Me
    1)I’ve been playing piano for 11 years
    2) I love love love coffee!!
    3) I’m lactose intolerant 😦
    4) Dogs>Cats
    5) I absolutely love roller coasters, the scarier the better!
    6) I’m so terrible at spelling and it’s very embarrassing.
    7) For a split second I thought I wanted to be a doctor, until I took biology. Then I realized, science is not my thing.

  9. 1. I always fall asleep with the TV on, watching the George Lopez show.
    2. I have an obsession with guitars
    3. I saw Justin Bieber and ran away from him
    4. My brother is my best friend
    5. I had 3 injuries in a span of one school year.
    6. I love the New York Yankees and the Seattle Seahawks
    7. I love James Brown

  10. 1. This one time when I randomly met Justin Bieber, I accidently called him “JT”
    2. I was forced to learn to play the violin in the 7th grade (never again….)
    3. I drink too much iced persian tea.
    4. Preacher’s Daughters is my guilty pleasure TV show (it’s so bad but so entertaining)
    5. This one time, I tripped and fell onto a cactus while hiking 😦
    6. I’m currently obsessed with Sam Smith ❤
    7. I love all genres (execpt country :/ )

  11. So here’s the truth. I absolutely love music. I attend concerts as often as possible. Warped Tour is the best day of my year. I wear black at least 5 out of 7 days a week. I am vegan! I love animals so much! I’m probably the most sensitive person you will ever meet. I have a hard time handling stress, violence, or anything that makes me sad. Oh and green is my favorite color in the whole world and always has been!

  12. 1) My favorite food is chocolate chip cookies
    2) Nicki Minaj is my favorite rapper and i’ve met her 2 times
    3) I like to watch anime
    4) My dream vacation would be to go to Hawaii
    5) My favorite hobby is painting my nails
    6) I can’t watch scary movies >_<
    7) I could drink starbucks forever

  13. 1. I love tea
    2. I’m obsessed with the band, Radiohead
    3. I love musical theatre
    4. I go to bed everyday at 11 pm (besides weekends)
    5. I am currently working on a show that my mom wrote. I am a stage manager intern
    6. I have a 4 octave range
    7. I love reading books that no one else likes to read (e.g. War and Peace)

  14. 7 facts about me 🙂
    1) I love to listen to music
    2) I played basketball for 7 years straight
    3) I am in love with Aaron Carpenter
    4) I love bands
    5) I care about my friends the most
    6) I’m a sensitive person
    7) I’ve been in 2 musicals and 3 talent shows.

  15. Here are seven facts about me:
    1.) I absolutely love music, it’s my life 🙂
    2.) Paramore is my favorite band
    3.) i’ve been learning how to play the ukulele
    4.) I’ve been drawing since the 6th grade
    5.) a vey caring person
    6.) my favorite color is purple
    7.) turtles and elephants are my favorite animals

  16. Here are seven facts about me:
    1.) I love music. It saved my life.
    2.) I’m learning how to pay the ukulele
    3.) Paramore is my favorite band
    4.) I’m very organized
    5.) very caring
    6.) when I perform I’m a different person
    7.) turttles are my favorite animals

  17. 10 facts about me:
    1. I love politics and I’ve joined youth and government and will be staying in it through out high school (its an after school program)
    2. I take a very long time to do most things because i am an over achiever even if that means that i have to go to sleep at 12 and wake up at 5.
    3. I am always the last one out of the house in the morning or a room because i need to make sure i didn’t forget anything
    4. i love playing instruments and i wish that i could play every instrument in the world (i love singing too but I’m not to confident singing in front of people. hopefully that will change this year 🙂 )
    5. i love being scared; scary movies scary books (the only books that i enjoy are dark ones just because i like being scared)
    6. i used to go to Jamaica every summer when i was younger, it was like my second home and still is, i miss it ;(
    7. i wish i could travel around the world and bring every one with me because in my opinion, you don’t get the full experience of traveling and seeing new places if you aren’t with someone who you love to share that experience with, memories are better if you have someone to share them with.
    8. i love animals and i wish that i had an elephant…
    9. i wish i was a better artist, i wish that i could just draw anything and it would look amazing
    10. i love making people laugh. in my old school there used to be a council group for homework, making sure we were onto of everything. and it was all quiet and boring so i stood up and just started talking and i guess what i was saying was funny. my group liked it so they started calling council “odessa’s comedy hour”

  18. 10 Facts about Me

    1. Performing is one of my favorite things to do in the entire world
    2. I love to be happy and be able to make other people happy
    3. If I like a song, no matter what I will get into it. I always express my love for music.
    4. I don’t believe in kangaroos because I’ve never seen one in person and just no
    5. I literally study Beyonce. It’s a very bad habit.
    6. I love Huskies
    7. My favorite color is Blue
    8. I’ve never been on an airplane
    9. I smile way too much
    10. I am very ambitious, and will be successful one day.

  19. 5 Facts About Me:
    1) I’m obsessed with tumblr
    2) My favorite color is baby blue
    3) I absolutely LOVE music
    4) I have arachnophobia :/
    5) I hate needles

  20. 7 things that are true about meeeee!
    1. Beyonce is my idol. I am inspired by her character and being.
    2. I hope to get my start in the entertainment world as a writer first, (they make the most money)
    3. I’m a mamma’s girl
    4. I can’t stand the thought of my sister going to college, and not being around
    5. I am always grateful for the challenges life brings my way.
    6. Law&Order and That 70’s Show are my 2 go to shows if im doing homework and i want the tv on or if I can’t decide on what to watch
    7. My biggest goal in life is to be happy, I know it’s a super cliche but it really is going to be acheived. Heck, I’m achieving it right now. Music is my world and it will always be apart of me, thus I’ll always and foreve be happy 🙂

  21. 5 Things:

    1) I wanna meet Aleks and James
    2) I love dancing as much as I love singing
    3) I’M CLUMSY
    4) I’m super lazy
    5) I get scared easily

  22. sorry this is late. i didn’t know that we were doing the same thing in this class as we were in the other one.
    things about me that are completely true:
    1. i love to write. i haven’t been doing it a lot lately, but i love coming up with characters and stories and all that.
    2. my favorite tv show is game of thrones.
    3. i love music a lot! my favorite band is fall out boy and my favorite solo artist is marina and the diamonds
    4. i cosplay. (for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it basically means dressing up as characters when it’s not halloween)
    5. i am obsessed with dragons.
    6. my favorite animals are otters.
    7. my hogwarts house is hufflepuff.

  23. 7 Facts About Me:

    1) I LOVE FOOD – almost any kind. I will eat almost anything.

    2) I love to dance. I dance weekly at Millennium Dance Complex.

    3) I have two younger siblings – a brother and a sister.

    4) I need to keep my belongings at home and anything I need throughout the day very organized in order to function properly.

    5) I cannot read while music or television is playing.

    6) Instead of having a job, I go street-performing to make money.

    7) Unless I have coffee, I don’t function well on less than seven hours of sleep.

  24. OK SO.

    7 Facts about MEEEE :3

    1.) I LOVE BASKETBALL. It is the best sport in the world and I WILL be in the NBA and ill get all you guys tickets to see me play(;

    2.) I LOVE CHEESE ENCHILADAS AND SUSHI. Those 2 are the best things in life omfg perffffffff.

    3.) I sing, rap, play drums, guitar, piano, bass, beatbox, and play the CAJONNNNNN

    4.) Ive been bullied in elementary school and i saw one other kid getting bullied and we became bestfriends and he taught me how to play basketball since my first grade. Up till today i still talk to him and i see him as an older brother. The reason why i am on the basketball team is because of him teaching me how to play in elementary school 🙂

    5.) I love all of you guys as a family, and i would go through anything for each and every single one of you ( ‘ :

    6.) I saved my whole entire family’s life as a baby. They accidentally left the the fireplace with fire downstairs and went to sleep upstairs. 1 hour later my dad hears me crying and all he sees is smoke. Then he starts weezing and my whole family can barely breathe and opens all the windows and thats how i saved my whole family’s life from being dead from CO2 :DDDD im a lifesaver (;

    7.) I love GOD. He is my homie. Homy of homies.


  25. Assignment 1 – 7 facts about me

    1. I’m extremely shy

    2. I’m very particular about cakes. I love cake so much that they have to be the right consistency and have buttercream frosting and all that good stuff (hansen’s cake always does the job)

    3. I love taking pictures. Candids of people and lots of pictures of nature. I am thinking of doing wildlife photography when I’m older, kind of like a Mutual of Omaha’s Animal Kingdom type of thing.

    4. My future depends on me marrying rich (fingers crossed)

    5. Math gives me angina and I’d prefer it if I never have to see parabolas and quadratic functions ever again in my life.

    6. Whenever I’m upset I take a nap because I think that whatever the problem is will miraculously vanish. And surprise, it never does.

    7. I am completely IN LOVE with all things Disney. Seriously I like worship it, the place, the franchise, just everything. I still haven’t grown up yet.

  26. 1. I’m afraid of puppets. Its usually the eyes that gets me.
    2. I really like coffee. LIke, a lot.
    3. I despise singing in front of people on the spot.
    4. I have a lot of fun taking pictures, but most of them are on my friend’s camera because it’s better than a phone…
    5. I like old rock bands like the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles…
    6. My favorite TV show is Community.

  27. 1) Metal. Can’t go wrong with it.
    2) A past time would be daydreaming.
    3) I never used to like music. At all.
    4) I like to forget things that I don’t see as important.
    5) Black. Black, black, and black
    6) I’m not here to learn. I’m required by law to attend.
    7) I am an insomniac.

  28. 7 facts about me
    1) I love dogs
    2) I love pizza and all fast foods
    3) Most of my life is procrastination
    4) I love reading
    5) I am really good at climbing trees
    6) Ive gotten poison ivy twice and it is the worst
    7) I have a blind dog named Leyna

  29. 1. I love Taylor Swift.
    2. I play guitar, drums, and piano.
    3. I love chocolate!!!
    4. My favorite song is Clarity By Zedd and A Thousand Years By Christina Perri
    5. I love shrimp!!!
    6. I sing a lot!!!
    7. I figure skate and swim.

  30. 1. Im Mexican
    2. I a drumer
    3. iI love Metallica,Slayer,Megadeth,and Anthrax…The Big 4
    4. My favorite cheesburger is the Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger with no mustard from jack in the box
    5. My favortie type of pizza is the meat lvers which has pepperoni, bacon, and sausage
    6.My favorite drummer is Dave Lombardo
    7. I was qaurterback in my middle school footbal team, and soccer is my favorite sport to play and watch

  31. 7 things about myself are that I love to sing, I’ve played piano since I was 6, I love braiding hair, I have a huge sunglasses collection, I have an abnormal obsession with beanies, I really like do photography, and if singing doesn’t work out, I would like to go into cosmetology.

  32. 7 Things About me:
    – I love to sing
    – I’m into fashion design
    – I write music
    – I’ve been singing since I was 2 years old
    – i can never wear the same outfit for at least a month
    – I write my own songs
    – I have my own group

  33. 7 things that are true about me:

    1) Instagram is life.
    2) I love to sing and act
    3) I do impressions of famous singers
    4) My favorite color is orange
    5) I’m really shy at first but when you get to know me I’m a bit crazy
    6) I can figure skate and i love swimming.
    7) My four favorite tv shows are freaks and geeks, american horror story, pretty little liars ans the walking dead

  34. 1. I’m online a lot. 2. I’m currently doing voice acting for a video game. 3. I’d rather it be raining, or snowing, than the weather we have now. 4. I love Game Grumps, Starbomb, NSP, or anything involving those people. 5. I’m learning the drums, and have a kit in my room.

  35. 1. I believe that laughter is the best medicine
    2. I play drums, guitar, bass, violin and i sing.
    3. I love baking.
    4. I spend most of my day listening to music or doing something related to music.
    5. I think superman is the BEST superhero.
    6. Im very family oriented.
    7. When people cant spell correctly, it makes me mad. Ooh especially when they mix up their, there, they’re, you’re, your.

  36. 1. I Love Music ,because music is a way to express yourself
    2.I am a very helpful person I love to help others in need
    3.I believe people should always be themselves and not pretend to be some one their not
    4.I hate country music
    5. My favorite type of music is Metal and Dubstep
    6. I do things last minute
    7. I have terrible anxiety about almost everything

  37. 1. I love to dance
    2. I use to play drums when I was 8
    3. I love art
    4. I do things last minute
    5. I really like to listen to music
    6. I can be very lazy at times
    7. I like to act

  38. 7 things that are true about me:
    1.) I have Lion Hair
    2.) I love to sing
    3.) I Smile out of nowhere, mostly when I’m nervous, or scared (so don’t be creeped out if I do in class, that’s just me)
    4.) Im too Nice
    5.) I Love 🌸LILO&STITCH🌸 too much
    6.) im obsessed with Any kind of LEMONADE
    7.) I HATE Gum and Candy

  39. 1) i must have a chai tea at least once a day.
    2) i work at a sushi restaurant, and the sushi is horrible.
    3) i have hair identity crisis, and must change my hair style every month or so.
    4) i have a dog named Bacon, because bacon:)
    5) i was born on the 101 freeway in my dads ’95 Ford on the exist to Reseda Blvd.
    6) i was in a magazine sponsering vaseline hand lotion
    7) i’m Japanese, Czech, German, Scottish, Irish, and Black

  40. 1)I watch anime
    2)I like to listen to music at night while i sleep
    3)Winter is my favorite season of the year
    4)My favorite band is Five Finger Death Punch(i listen to at least ONE song from them everyday, if not, more)
    5)My favorite game is Destiny

  41. I am from New York
    I have a younger sister
    I have a younger brother
    My favorite color is pink
    My favorite food is sushi

  42. 1. I have long blonde straight hair
    2. I have 2 other siblings that are very annoying
    3. I am from france
    4. I love to sleep, but never get enough of it
    5. Candy is my favorite thing in the entire world
    6. I love playing guitar and singing
    7. I am a middle child

  43. 1. i love sour candies
    2. i have 3 cats, violet, varus and simone
    3. i’m the youngest child
    4. i don’t play instruments very well
    5. i love sushi
    6. i’m horrible at math
    7. lush is my favorite store to shop in

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