One Step at a Time and Just Hang On


Here are two of my nephews and my niece.  There is Tyler (the oldest), and his sister Sami, and their cousin Joseph, whom we affectionately call JoJo.


We all went to Incredible Pizza when I was home last week and the three of them decided to do their harnessed ropes course. Tyler and Sami had done it before but this was JoJo’s first time.  It kind of surprised me that he decided to do it.  It just doesn’t seem like his thing.  I suppose that his cousins doing it had something to do with it.  Oh, I forgot my brother Ryan decided to do it too only realizing afterwards that he exceeded the weight limit by 23 pounds not counting the 5 pound of pizza he just consumed.

It started out great, but somewhere within the first few obstacles JoJo started having second thoughts.  He flat out started to panic.  Let me just say that I never would have done this, and last year Bella tried it and had to get help from the nice teenager running it because she freaked out a little.  JoJo’s eyes started welling up, his mom’s eyes started welling up, his dad calmly yelled up to him what to do, we all started cheering “Go Jo Jo”, and JoJo hung on and took another step.  As the tears started falling  he took another step, then another, and another and before you know it he was at the end and into his mama’s arms.

Today I am starting a new adventure.  Today I am standing at the top of a ledge looking down at the unknown.  It has started off pretty good.  I have met a lot of people, wheeled a gigantic desk chair down Van Nuys Blvd ignoring cat calls, and I have all of my stuff ready.  However, this morning I am starting to panic a little.  My eyes are welling up with tears.  I am just not sure.  But I can hear all of you cheering “Go Amy, you can do it”.  I will hang on, take a step, and then another, and before you know it I’ll be just fine.

Thank you JoJo for showing me how it is done.

More later


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