Oh My

My vacation is coming to a close.  I am back in Iowa, and I will head back to California tomorrow.  I had to say goodbye to Kate and Abby yesterday, and tonight I’ll have to say good bye some of the other people I adore.  I had an amazing time and am so happy I got to do this.

Luckily I am back in Iowa just  in time for the Iowa State Fair!!  We are going to go today and partake in some of the festivities.

I have been reading in the local newspaper about things that are new and great about the fair this year.  Along with the usual butter cow there is a new interactive farm exhibit, a fully renovated cultural center, new and improved ag-education opportunities, and more than 571 shows.  The food vendors have upped their game.  You can still get fried butter on a stick, sushi, and fried twinkles, but now you can also get funnel cake on a stick, bacon mac and cheese, and something called brownie blitz.  If those thing won’t kill me this just might:


It is a 25 foot sculpture of Grant Wood’s American Gothic that is on display at the fair this year.  My heart started beating, and I got a little uncomfortable in my seat just searching for this picture.  I know that I need to explain a little further about my automatonophobia (apparently what my fear of statues is called), but it going to have to be another time ’cause that post might be a long one.  I must not be very much into self preservation because I never shy away from trying too look at statues, I just get really REALLY scared and uncomfortable.  25 feet of automatonophobia might be what I am facing today.   Not to mention that this 25 foot statue has a pitchfork.

Deep breaths.

I’ll leave you today on a happier note.  Abby discovered my photo booth app on my computer and we just HAD to make some funny pictures.  She loved it so much!!

Here are some of our favorites:

Disclaimer:  I have not put on make up or have done anything with my hair for the past 7 days.  

Photo on 8-6-14 at 5.34 PM #3

We started with nose swirl.

Photo on 8-6-14 at 8.35 PM #3


Went on to bug eyePhoto on 8-6-14 at 8.32 PM #2

Photo on 8-6-14 at 8.32 PM


Suckered Kate into chipmunk.  (Four faces were too many so Bella got to pretend she didn’t know us.)

Photo on 8-6-14 at 8.36 PM



And, of course, we had to end with love struck.

Photo on 8-6-14 at 8.31 PM

I am really gonna miss this place, but there is a certain pair of arms I can’t wait to fall into.

Well I am off to face my demons…and I don’t mean the butter on a stick.


More Later



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