Getting What I Need

When I moved to California I promised myself that I would see my family (who ALL live in the midwest) often.  Being with them makes me so happy.  I love seeing my nieces and nephews grow up, and I want them to know me.  I love spending time with my siblings and their spouses.  I love spending precious time with my mom.  It is very important to my mental heath that I spend as much time in this place as I can.  This usually means a few weeks at Christmas and a few weeks during the summer.

I wasn’t going to make my usual trip this summer.  Things were very “up in the air” and I felt that I couldn’t risk going.  However, my mom booked this lake condo and really wanted us to come.  If there was ever a time that I needed to be with my family it was at that time.  I was very conflicted about going, however.  Rich couldn’t come because Sarah’s band camp started this week, and he had work obligations he couldn’t get out of.  Andrew would be returning from camp this week, and very shortly heading back to college.  My birthday, Bella’s birthday, and our anniversary would happen while I was away.  I didn’t have a job and had no idea what that would mean for our family.  But with lots of encouragement from Rich and Andrew, Bella and I decided to go.

As luck would have it I ended up getting a job who’s first week of teacher meeatings is this week.  I am missing vital pieces of information, and feel guilty for not being at work.  I am a person who really likes being prepared, and I am going a little crazy thinking about all the things that I should be doing at work.  Being away from Rich is harder than I thought it would be, we really don’t like being apart   I miss seeing Andrew.  I haven’t been able to exercise like I should and well lets just say I have been carb loading like I am running a marathon.

But then I look at this little red headed girl coloring next to me, and realize that there won’t be too many more chances to see that.  I think about laughing to the point of tears during  endless games of Trivial Pursuits where I think I might have my sister beat only to have her get a question about Harry Potter or Friends and pull out the win…almost every time.  I think about spending time with my mom and how much I love being around her.  I am reminded of the old saying that home is where your mom is.  I think about Sami, Tyler, and Joesph and realizing that each time I see them they are so much more grown up, and the time hanging out with them is precious. Sitting around the table with my brothers and sister’s in laws laughing about something that my dad did, or how much we all are like him.  We remember all the happy times we spent together and from the conversation you’d think that there were never any bad ones.   Not to mention getting to spend some quality time with Bella.

I know that Rich will be there waiting for me with open arms.  My work issues will be just fine, and with the help of my new colleagues I’ll catch up in no time.  I’ll get back into exercising and those fruits and veggies will find there way back into my diet.  Andrew will give me that great big hug before he leaves and before you know it Thanksgiving will be here.

I needed this trip this year.

Sometimes the simple things make all the difference.

I will be ready to hit the road running come August 10, and might just make it until Christmas.

More Later


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