For Your Viewing Pleasure

So welcome to the Coldwater Dam.  It is where the larger Lake Ouachita feeds into Lake Hamilton so the water is very cold…about 50 degrees.

Kate dared Bella to jump in.  She did it as a rite of passage into year 15.  Kate isn’t one to dare and not put up, so she jumped in too.  Kate is going to have a baby in January so we are pretty sure he/she got a jolt too.  Abby kept sticking her toes in but wouldn’t jump, then all of the sudden she jumped in.  I had no idea she was going to do it so I didn’t get it on tape.

If the title does show you’ll  notice it is titled Coldwater Dam 3 because it took me three tries to save it.  iMovies for Dummies will be on my Christmas wish list.

One person you won’t see jump in is me because I would have no part of it.  I have an aversion to cold water, and dares.

More Later


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