No Deadlines Here

Better late then never right?

First I need to say a Happy Birthday to my Bella.  Her birthday was yesterday and she took having her birthday on vacation in stride.  Mostly because she is used to it.  I am pretty sure 99% of her birthdays have been on the road.  It goes with the summer birthday territory.

IMG_1776 After spending the afternoon on the lake we went to Sam’s Pizza for dinner.

IMG_1780And she had a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake for dessert.

She also took a dare and jumped into the coldest part of the lake (I’ve got video).  She was so brave and maybe a little crazy.

So I never realized how much I love being on the lake.  It is so amazing.

IMG_1763I mean c’mon…who wouldn’t love that.

I am also loving spending time with this little gal.


Sometimes she tolerates my silliness.



IMG_1739And if I am really lucky she’ll give me a kiss.

IMG_1766She is super sweet and feisty, and smart, and independent, and loving, and just the best.

Like some other gals I know.

More Later


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