Profound Dedication

IMG_1725This is Abby.  She is quite the princess.  She makes me smile.  She doesn’t care that I don’t know that 10 is also a double digit.  She doesn’t care that the name of the ice cream place we went to on my birthday is called “The OUTSIDE Scoop” not “The INSIDE Scoop”

IMG_1726She and Bella killed quite a few trees yesterday with all the drawing they did.  They are true kindred spirits.

IMG_1729This is Bella’s rendition of the princesses.  The one on the left is Bella (Abby wanted to draw her face), then we have Rapunzel, then Princess Abby, then Belle, and finally Sleeping Beauty.


This is Abby’s rendition of the princesses.  Bella is the last one.

Abby and Bella both remind me of my sister Kate.  The three of them are independent, head strong, loving, and very devoted.  Qualities that I admire in people.

I almost typed the word loyal in place of devoted, but the word loyal has always sat funny with me.  I read a post on Facebook this morning that used that word to describe a faithful friend and companion, and since then that word has me thinking.  It is a word that I have often used to describe myself, and never really liked it.  Loyalty seems to evoke a sense of unwavering devotion.  The word seems to give the person you are loyal to permission to do what they want without any loss of that devotion.

I expect something in return for my devotion.  I am a very devoted person, and I work hard for those to whom I am devoted.   It breaks my heart when my devotion is not appreciated or reciprocated, but when that occurs my devotion wavers, mourns, and stops.  I want those aforementioned girls to continue to be independent, head strong, loving, and devoted.  I want those who receive their devotion to understand the sense of responsibility that comes with it.  I also want those girls to realize that their devotion should never be unwavering.

One definition of the word devotion is profound dedication, to me that evokes a sense of caring about relationships and giving of oneself to the relationship, but doesn’t seem to me to have the sense of “no matter what”.

No matter the syntax, those people in our lives who have blessed us with their devotion need care and love.  It is a very important two way street.  We have a responsibility to nurture those relationships, and when we do we get so much more in return.  I am reminded of that today.

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One thought on “Profound Dedication

  1. Abby has gotten so big! How many 9th grader cousins would actually sit and draw princesses with a younger one? Bella is the only one I know. What a wonderful role model Bella is. And her princesses were pretty awesome too. 🎶 Hopelessly Devoted 🎶👸 Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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