The Anatomy of a Road Treeeep

First things first.  Today is my nephew Tyler’s birthday.  He is 11 and now in the double digits.  Take it from me it is downhill from here my brothah and sistah.

10330399_10204135473775172_1786144986517184570_nI love this picture because it reminds me of Andrew.  Tyler’s team won the championship this year, for the second year in a row.  He is so darn grown up.  However, Tyler is so much more than this picture.  You can’t capture on film how smart and articulate this kid is.  I am always impressed when I talk to him, and I believe he is going to do great things in life.

Happy Birthday Kiddo!!

My day was surprisingly enjoyable considering we Roscigno/Rolniak/Slay/Piffer women spent the day in the car.


This was our first attempt saying “Road Triiiiiip”  That picture looked ridiculous so we tried yelling “Road Treeeeep”

IMG_1724Much Better

Kate and Mom had business with the Lawyer for Steve’s estate in the morning so we didn’t really get out of Indianola until around 2:00.  With three drivers and Bella to cheer us on we decided that we would make the 9 hour trip without staying somewhere overnight.  We really did have a lot of fun, until the rain came and we started contemplating stopping somewhere, but Kate, being the trouper she is, pushed us through.  We hit some construction traffic for the last 30 miles, (c’mon who is on the road at midnight), so we ended up pulling into Little Rock about 12:30 am.


After discussing gay rights at the Arby’s over roast beef sandwiches, picking up Steve’s ashes from the funeral home, and getting some much desired sweet corn, I took the first driving shift.  I am very comfortable admitting that by the time the clock strikes 9:30 I am no good to drive, so I was the natural choice to start things off.  We listened to the entire Sam Smith album laughing at how we originally thought this cute, caucasian, British boy was a large African American female gospel singer.  Kate wanted to hear the album, and Bella and I was all on board with that.  I only almost missed one exit and made it though Kansas City at rush hour with only a few conversations with other drivers .  Bella drew some pictures and Nana read her Kindle.  So far so good.

After stopping to go to the bathroom, for the second time (four women, one pregnant and one over 60) and getting some Slurpies, and trail mix, Mom took over the wheel.  With Bella and me in the back seat the four of us got lots of topics discussed.

  • Kate decided that in 10 years they are going to make a movie out of my life (a la Mr. Holland’s Opus).  We decided that I would be played by Sandra Bullock (dubbing her voice if she can’t sing).  Bella decided she would play herself only after realizing that Betty White (her first choice) wouldn’t quite work.  Kate would be played by Jennifer Lawrence.  Her actress needed to be younger than mine and taller so that all the short jokes I have endured over the years would come off.  We discovered that Jennifer has 2 inches on Sandra so with some heels that would work.  Rich would be played by Tim McGraw (for obvious reasons) but we got stuck on Andrew and my brothers.   We decided we didn’t need to worry about that right now as we have 10 years to figure it out.
  • Bella and I discussed what about our faces we would change.  I started out by saying that I might change the size and shape of my nose, to which she called “bogus”.  She, thankfully, only had one criticism about her face, she has a lazy eye when she looks at you with her head turned.  You can’t tell it looking head on and it doesn’t affect her vision.
  • We also decided that we are going to start a mother daughter youtube channel titled “Bella and Her Creator” (of course the name was decided upon by Bella).  It is going to be great.  We will have lots of different segments.  We will discuss current pop culture and world topics from two different generational perspectives, have a “do you know the words to this song” segment, a viewer question and answer segment, and some sort of challenge segment.  I think it could be a smash hit.

After entertaining mom and Kate with our renditions of “Gold Digger” and “Thrift Shop” it was time to stop for dinner.  We ended up at Panera Bread because we were tired of crappy food.

Then the rain came down hard and Kate white knuckled it for the last shift. We listened to tunes and sang and kept everyone awake.  When the traffic hit we were about ready to cry.  But we blasted the 80’s tunes and Culture Club got us through.

Today we get to see my niece Abby.  The excitement I feel is indescribable.

I hope Sandra will be able to properly convey it.

More Later




2 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Road Treeeep

  1. It was just pointed out to me that yes indeed 10 is also a double digit. You can add this to the things you can laugh at me about in 45 years. My only excuse is I am running on little sleep. Yeah going with that.

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