It IS a Punderful Life

The first thing that comes to mind as I sit here this morning is how overwhelmed I was yesterday with all the people wishing me a happy day.  I know that some might think that Facebook is a big time suck (and it just might be) but it is also a great way to make someone’s day.  I mean c’mon, without this invention I would never have been able to stay in touch with so many people.  Not to mention never being able to know what female Harry Potter character I was.   I loved all the birthday wishes and texts I got yesterday.  It is sometimes a little overwhelming.  I am very blessed.

I had a wonderful birthday.  Bella got me a much needed book.

IMG_1700You see I have problems ascertaining whether or not something is an actual pun or just a play on words.  This book explains it perfectly.  The title, actually, is a play on words because, according to my new found knowledge, a pun doesn’t change the words just uses them in a double way.


My favorite one is:


Love that girl.

It was truly a great day.  I got lots of phone calls from Rich, we went shoe shopping,



Oh, Lord, help me.

and grilled steak for dinner.  Instead of a birthday cake we went to my favorite ice cream place called the Inside Scoop.  It was started by a college student in Indianola who wanted a summer job.  He made his own ice cream at night and sold it during the day from a little truck.  Four years later he has a building and a line out the door.  It is very good ice cream.  I got Nutella/Peanut Butter.

IMG_1703A very dark picture of Bella and I in front of the sign.

Sadly no thunderstorms yesterday but a girl can’t get a cool pun book, lots of Facebook love, new shoes, AND a thunderstorm.  I realize the birthday gods can only do SO much.

I stayed up way to late last night.  You see my sister Kate and her husband Dustin came into town yesterday from Arkansas.  I always love to see my sister Kate, however, the reason she is in town isn’t a happy one.

Kate is my half sister by definition.  Her dad was my mom’s second husband.  He passed away on Saturday.

Steve was a wonderful guy.  As wonderful as he could be considering I was 12 when they got married and a real daddy’s girl.  Those two facts gave him a real disadvantage coming into the game.  Kate was born two years later and they divorced two years after that.  You see Steve really didn’t take very good care of himself, and that was very hard on their marriage.

He was a very book smart guy.  His undergraduate degree was in organic chemistry and his Master’s degree was in non-organic chemistry.  Yeah…real smart guy.

He was a kind and generous man and even after the divorce took real good care of all of us and eventually our kids.  Loved his granddaughter Abby and most importantly loved the grandkids who weren’t even his.

Sadly, sometimes even the smartest of people don’t know how to care for themselves.  Sometimes, even smart people don’t see their immortality.  He was a diabetic and had a hard time doing what he needed to do to get that disease under control.  He lost numerous parts of limbs, had numerous strokes, and eventually his kidneys could no longer support this behavior.

Andrew is very sad that he is unable to be here with the rest of the family.  He and Steve always had a great relationship.  Steve loved baseball and well, Andrew could talk baseball all day.  Andrew was really the only grandchild that knew Steve before he got really sick.

We all will gather today to remember him.  I am sure this will include lots of laughter and lots of stories about a man who loved everyone else more than he loved himself.

Sometimes I love everyone else more than I love myself.  Another lesson for me to learn as we say good-bye today.  Life is good.  The sunny side of the grass is warm and happy even when it is not, and taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give those you love.

This smart girl is going to try to do just that.

More Later




One thought on “It IS a Punderful Life

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. Families can be connected in all sorts of ways. I also missed your birthday! I’m not bringing my A-game to the blogosphere these days. Hope it was happy! I am loving your daughter’s shoes btw : )

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