You Say it’s Your Birthday? It’s My Birthday Too, Yeah!

Well, today is my birthday, and I am 45 years old.  I love birthdays.  I know that some people, as they get older, dread birthdays.  I have never quite understood that.  My father used to say that birthdays are better than the alternative.  I totally agree.  I look at them as a celebration of life, another year on the sunny side of the grass.

This is my view of the sunny side of the grass this morning as I sit and write this.  One of my most happy places.

IMG_1685I have some company this morning.

IMG_1698This is Lady.  She hobbled up the steps to the front porch to sit with me as I type.  I feel very honored as it takes her quite some time to get up those steps.  She probably knew it was my birthday.

Mom, Bella, and I got to spend some time last night at my brother Ryan’s house with his family, and my brother Greg’s family.  Thursday is my nephew Tyler’s 11th birthday and so we had a birthday get together.   In keeping with tradition I made Tyler some cookies.

IMG_1692Also in keeping with tradition, we all sat around and pretty much laughed our butts off.  I almost need an inhaler when we get together.  I get to laughing so hard I can barely breathe.   We got out Ryan’s scrapbook and looked at old pictures.  Oh.My.  A while back I saw on Facebook a post where people find old family pictures and then re-create them as adults.  We were looking at pictures trying to find ones to re-create as adults and some of the ideas were pretty ridiculous.

Then Ryan stumbled across this picture.

IMG_1694I am thinking that I took this picture.  My brother Ryan is in the tie dyed shirt.  To his left sucking on a lollypop is my sister Kate, and behind her is my mom.  We were all at a church league softball game, and my dad would have been there as well.  If you look closely there is a guy in the background with a Boston Red Sox hat on.  That is Rich.  He played softball on this church team.

Seeing this picture really hit home for me how lucky (and crazy) it was that we found each other again.  That kid in the tie dyed shirt had a big role in that reunion.

Rich is the one big thing that is missing from my special day today.  He is at home holding down the fort.  Thankfully the two of us aren’t those young teenagers from the past.  Thankfully the two of us have grown up and now really appreciate the years we have together.

I have done some wonderful things in my 45 years.  I have a career that I love.  I have a loving family, wonderful friends, and an amazing husband.  Some really special people have come into my life, and whether or not they are still active in my life, I am better for having had them there.  I can look in the mirror today and say with certainty that I am happy with how the last 45 years have gone.

I am am bound an determined to be able to say that same thing at 90.

You may not have candles to blow out today, but go ahead, be determined too and make that wish.

More Later





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