Good News or Bad News?

I took my principals advice and went in yesterday to try to get my coping done before I leave for Iowa.  I went to my room, checked on the birds, printed my music (thanks Joe) and walked to the main building to make copies.  I started in and within two copies I jammed the whole darn thing.  You know the jam where the entire screen is blinking red with all the pictures of the doors flashing at you telling you how to unjam it.  Another very nice lady was sitting in the faculty room working laughed and got up to try to help me.  I told her that I should probably have a go at it first as I am sure that it won’t be the last time that I jam the copier.  I started opening doors and twisting levers and pulling mangled pieces of chorus syllabus out and really not getting many of the flashing lights to stop flashing, when in walks the Canon copier lady with her large tool bucket and a “everything is OK now just get out of my way” look on her face.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was having trouble, thankfully, and the service call had already been made.

I gladly sat down and an hour later finally got most of my coping done.


If my idea of Heaven is sitting on my mom’s porch watching a thunderstorm off in the distance surrounded by lightening bugs and quiet.  Then going down to Hollywood and Highland in the middle of the afternoon is my complete and utter Hell.

I found myself in Hell yesterday afternoon.  Pushing through the crowds of crazed tourists trying to get their pictures with a mangy purple Elmo or a Batman wearing UGG boots on a 97 degree day is most definitely Hell.  Not to mention the drive to get there, or the finding a place to park.  OH MYLANTA.

I am sure you are asking the question “for the love of all humanity, why in the world were you down there???”

I’ll tell you.

I tell my daughter that sometimes, just sometimes, if you have a gracious and grateful heart the universe smiles upon you.  Yesterday was one of those times for her.  If you remember she was supposed to go see her most favorite band Five Seconds of Summer (5SOS) at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show yesterday because her friends mom works for ABC and got them tickets, but she couldn’t go because she had to take her tests for summer school.  Well…it turns out they didn’t need to be down there as early as they thought and if I could get her down there by 4:00 she would be able to go.

Sometimes, just sometimes, if you have a gracious and grateful heart your mom will rush from Simi Valley at 3:00 to try to get you to Hollywood and Highland by 4:00.

It worked…we made it.

But the story doesn’t end there…oh no.

I managed to get home a bit frazzled with a strong need for a…nap.  I forget all about my harrowing experience in Hell when I get a phone call from my daughter around 8:00 pm, as she was on her way home from Hollywood, with her friend, to her dad’s.

Bella:  Hi mom (all excited).

Mom: Hi Bella (all excited)  How was the concert???

Bella:  It was great.  You are on speaker.  Say Hi.

Mom:  Hi (still all excited)

Danielle, Ainslie, Mrs. Irvin:  Hi (all excited)

Mom:  Tell me about it (all excited)

Bella:  Well…I’ve got good news and bad news.

Mom:  Well you know me bad news first (less excited).

Bella:  I can’t do that this time.

Mom: OK (a little less excited)

Bella:  The good news is the drummer threw his drumsticks into the crowd and Danielle got one.

Mom:  Oh my goodness that is awesome.

Bella:  You ready for the bad news?

Mom:  Uh…OK

Bella:  But first…I just want you to know I’m alright.


Bella:  Well, we were standing outside waiting for the band to perform and watching the show on the big screen when I started to feel light headed.  I told Mrs. Irwin that I needed some air and she walked me to the back of the crowd, but I didn’t make it and passed out.  The medic rushed there and took good care of me and Mrs. Irwin didn’t leave my side.  They gave me an ice pack on the neck and some watermelon.  I don’t remember much but they told me that I was the 15th girl to pass out from the heat and the crowd.


Bella:  Mom???

Mom:  Are you OK now?

Bella:  I’m great I got to take a picture with the drumstick.



Later that night I got a text from her telling me that she was trying not to cry, but she cried a little when the medic came and was talking to her because she was scared, but other than that she tried not to cry because she was sad that she didn’t get to see the concert very well.  I told her that I was sorry it didn’t work out, to which she replied “Oh no…I didn’t get the best seats to see 5SOS, some people don’t have legs, mom.”


So the bad news yesterday was I broke the copier at my school on the first try, and waited an hour to have it fixed.  I had to drive down to Hollywood and Highland.  I had to park at Hollywood and Highland. I had to endure Hollywood and Highland.  My daughter passed out without me being there to help her.

The good news is I get to have her as a daughter.

I am pretty sure that puts me way ahead on the day.

More Later


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