A Good Omen Right?

Well the big news is…SARAH IS HOME!!!  Rich went to get her LATE last night at the airport and she is still asleep, but home nonetheless.  This means two things:  Chocolate chip pancakes and bean burgers are on the horizon.  Bella and I leave on Saturday for Iowa.  This means two things:  Brace yourself for lots of pictures but not much content over the next two weeks, and I have a date with some laundry.  Packing is just the worst.  I pretty much refuse to pay for a checked bag, so it turns into a game of which clothes and shoes (of course shoes) take up the least  amount of space and can be put together to produce the most outfits.  They must have an app for that.  Andrew and I both are over packers.  We fear that the one thing that does not make the cut will be the one thing that we really needed.  I hate forgetting stuff, so the lists and post it notes start to make appearances all over my house.  It really is the measure twice cut once concept applied to extended travel.

But as much as I am going to miss Rich…and that is quite a lot.  I am excited to go see  some of my most favorite people.  Oh, and I hope there are some thunderstorms.  I miss thunderstorms.  I miss seeing the lightening and counting until the thunder crashes to try to figure out how far away it is.


This is the view from my mom’s porch so watching thunderstorms is a lot of fun here.

And lightening bugs…don’t even get me started.

I can’t wait!!

So Bella and I went into my new classroom yesterday to try to get a few more things done before we leave.  I am also going back there this morning to try to get some copying done.  It was suggested to me that I not wait until I get back, as the ONE copier in the faulty lounge will be like the Brady Bunch bathroom.  I am still trying to get used to this new Macbook I have and I inadvertently saved over my HUGE syllabus that I worked my butt off on last week.  So that needs to be done.


Anyway as we were working Bella told me that I needed a classroom mascot.  She suggested a fish.  I suggested no.  Soon after that I heard this chirping coming from outside.  I have this courtyard outside the door closest to my desk.  She said I was crazy and it was just the air conditioner making noise.  I slowly opened the door and saw this:



A nest of three hungry baby birds.   Bella was FLOORED.  She sat there for the next 20 minutes with my phone trying to get video and pictures.  She kept mouthing (as we were trying to be so quiet) “I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW CUTE THEY ARE”

She finally got this video.  Please ignore the horrible movie editing done by me, the person who has no idea how to do anything technological.  I need to add iMovie and CSS coding lessons to my wish list of things for people to donate.  I am a hot mess when it comes to that stuff.

This video doesn’t exist

I now have my choral mascot.  We, in pure Bella style, are trying to come up with appropriate names for the three birds.  This can only be a good omen right?  Songbirds outside the choral classroom.  I am going with that.

I will leave you with one final photo I found on my phone just now as I was searching for the bird pictures.

IMG_1643I love my dog, but she is not allowed in my kitchen or on my furniture.

That kid of mine would be in so much trouble if I didn’t have a million things to do before Saturday.  And the fact that she is so darn cute.

More Later



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