My Bella

I really enjoyed hearing from the 6.5 of you that added to my list yesterday.  I am happy to say they were all excellent suggestions!!

My friend Kristin reminded me that I left off the fact that I am a diva.  That immediately went on the list.  How could I have been so silly?

My friends Jesse and Sue both reminded me of my aversion to any movie that doesn’t have Chevy Chase in it.  Don’t judge, I simply like to laugh.  Jesse also pointed out that I never miss an opportunity to laugh.  Very true.

Sue, who was my accompanist for 11 years and has seen me in action more than anyone else, and apparently knows me better than I know myself, reminded me that I have many funny stories about my meeting Tim McGraw, my sister and brothers, nieces, nephews, my kids, and my love of the movie Elf and Olive the Other Reindeer.  I miss her already.

Roger pointed out that I should change “If you are a smoker you shouldn’t be a singer” to “If you are a singer you shouldn’t be a smoker” because everyone should be a singer.  Very true Roger.

I was also tested by Rocky to make sure that the “I am an Iowan through and through” statement was indeed true.  Which I believe I passed with flying colors.

Finally, my daughter, (commenting as Turd Ferguson, I might add) told me that I forget best mother.

Awww thanks Bella.

I love that girl.  I have wanted to write a post about her for the longest time, but I just don’t know how to say what I want to say about this amazing daughter I have.  I also don’t want to slight Andrew and Sarah both whom also have a big chunk of my heart and are equally amazing.  However, this summer Bella and I have really spent a lot of time together and our relationship has really grown.

Flat out, I really like her.

Watching her as a really little girl I would often wonder to myself what kind of girl she would grow into.  She was the little girl who would climb back into the tub as the water was draining…fully dressed.  She sucked an entire pack of markers dry.  She ate sand.  She dumped boxes of cereal out and pulled every last Kleenex out of the box.  She threw her pacifiers out the car window and then cried for the rest of the car trip because she didn’t have them.  She had to take a bucket on our walks because of all the treasures she would find.  She would name each pigeon we would see as we sat outside drinking our Starbucks, and fully remembered which one was which.  She cut her own hair when she was three because she wanted her self portrait to be more realistic.

In elementary school she was the girl that was always on some sort of behavioral sticker system.  Most all of her problems stemmed from her unique personality.  She would hum when she worked.  She would always be the last child sitting at the lunch table because she was a grazer. She wouldn’t walk in the straight line because she was always wanting to smell the flowers, or watch that bug.  She spent too much time at the sink because she liked watching the water flow over her hands.  She hugged and giggled too much.  She would constantly doodle on her homework, and would come up with elaborate reasons about why Sally had only one apple and John had three, not caring much about what happened if you combined those apples.  She was a fierce friend and an independent girl.

Now I know what kind of girl she would grow into.

She would give me the world if she could.

She would give you the world if she could.

She will change the world someday.

She is generous and kind.  She is loving and sweet.  She is oh so funny and creative.

All of those moments as a child made her the amazing teenager she is today, and I wouldn’t trade one of them.  She still hums when she works, hugs a lot, stops to smell the flowers, splashes water, doodles on her homework, and saves all the treasures she finds.  Thankfully, however, she hasn’t sucked a marker dry in a while and has given up the cereal and Kleenex thing.

As you know she has been doing summer school this summer to try to get ahead for next year.  It has been so much work for her.  She has really struggled.  She has missed seeing her friends, going places, and spending time with her sketch books.  Last night it really hit hard.  Her best friend had tickets to go see one of her most favorite bands on the Jimmy Kimmel show on Thursday but she can’t go because she had to take her tests before we leave for Iowa on Saturday.  I was heartbroken for her.  Even though her eyes were welling up she said “Wow, first world problems.  I can’t go see Jimmy Kimmel live because I have to go to a class while other people don’t have water to drink”  She then proceeded to go back downstairs and start working again.

Just this morning I apologized for not being on my fried egg game, as they were a little runny, and she said “You know mom, some people don’t have legs”.


She leaves me notes all the time; in my lunch, under my pillow, in my purse, telling me how much she loves me.  When I found myself without a job she offered up her savings.  She doesn’t miss a birthday and is always plotting with Rich on ways to surprise me.

I can’t explain in words how amazing she is, how special she is, how wonderful she is.  I love hanging out with her and talking with her and just plain being with her.

Yesterday during a break she went upstairs and decided to make an outfit for her artist model.

IMG_1591Meet Jasmine.

Bella wanted to do some funny pictures with Jasmine so we spent the next 10 minutes or so coming up with these.





IMG_1589I am telling you, watch out world because here she comes.  You may not know it is because of her, but the world is a much better place because she is in it.

At least my world is.

More Later




2 thoughts on “My Bella

  1. I also love that kid. It says a lot about the parents when the children are so wonderful. 🙂

    P.S. I love Roger’s addition to your list. YES!

  2. Bella IS amazing. Her love and concern for you, especially the last few months, was so touching to see. She is definitely NOT your average teenager. What’s that saying? “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Yep

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