Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Me but Were Afraid to Ask

First things first.  I got my new printer in the mail on Friday!!!


Ain’t she a beaut, Clark?

It is perfect, and I can’t wait to hook it up this morning.  I have been working hard and have tons of things to print, and as soon I figure out which cord goes where and how to load the paper and get the ink in the right place I should be good to go by the holidays.  I would like to public thank the kind friend who purchased this for my classroom, but I better check with him first to see if that is OK.  Next thing you know everyone is asking him for a new printer for their classroom.  If you would like to do something to help the choral kids at CHAMPS (and me too) head on over to It Takes a Village to see what you can do to help.

I have been thinking long and hard about how the first day of classes should look.  Of course I have to go over tons of housekeeping stuff, but I want them to really get to know me on that first day.  So…I came up with a list of things about me and what I believe in as a way for them to get to know what I am all about.  I thought it would be fun to share them here, and you guys can add to them if you think of something that I missed.  I haven’t given much thought to the order, which will be very important, so if you have any ideas on which one I should lead with please let me know.  I know that the 6.5 of you that read this blog aren’t really “commenters” so you’ll have to make an exception on this one and comment.  I am also not very sure on the usage of periods in a list so forgive my punctuation, Zach.

  1. I believe our hour together should be distraction free and focused on living in this beautiful moment together.  This means, at the very least, no cell phones out.
  2. I know the entire dance to Beyonce’s Love on Top
  3. There is no such thing as an undercooked chocolate chip cookie.
  4. Hard work is always expected. It isn’t optional.
  5. If it is within my ability I will give you anything you need.
  6. I expect you to be fully committed to this group
  7. I expect you to be fully committed to bettering yourself each and every rehearsal
  8. I am an Iowan through and through.
  9. I don’t have a spleen
  10. I don’t give up on people very easily
  11. I don’t believe in the “can’t” only the “not yet”.
  12. If I am in my room and you need me just ask. If I can I will stop what I am doing and help you. If I can’t we will make an appointment to talk.
  13. I do not tolerate disrespect of any kind.
  14. I am a totally Klutz.  If I fall in front of you please just pretend it didn’t happen.
  15. I am the first person to admit it if I make a mistake.
  16. I am a hugger.
  17. I don’t like eating lunch alone
  18. I feel our room is special. Treat it accordingly.
I am the first person to laugh at myself if I make a mistake.
  20. I expect that if you have a problem with me you let me know before you talk to anyone else.
  21. I am a problem solver.
  22. My favorite candy is reeses peanut butter cups
  23. I don’t like going to movies alone.
  24. Perfection is never a goal of mine.
  25. I feel that hard work trumps talent
  26. I know the entire rap to Will Smith’s “Wild Wild West”.
  27. I am slowly learning the rap to “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugar Hill Gang.
  28. I believe you get out what you put into something
  29. I love to bake and do it quite often for my students.
  30. I use an exorbitant amount of gestures in my classroom.
  31. I expect you to exorbitantly use the gestures that I give you. No phoning it in.
  32. If you are a smoker you should not be a singer. I have no problems telling you that everyday.
  33. Water is a singers absolute best friend.
  34. I always measure twice cut once.
  35. I love showing off my students.
  36. I care very deeply for my students. That can be good and bad.
  37. I have a very large collection of shoes.
  38. I have an abnormal fear of statues
  39. I believe every single person deserves to be treated like a human being.  Even the ones you don’t like or disagree with.
  40. I couldn’t end the list on 39.

I am sure that before that first day I’ll think of a bunch more.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions.  That first day is a very important day, and I am nervous as heck.  In order for me to expect to accomplish anything this year I have to start out on the right foot.

but at the very least I’ll be able to print stuff.

(That is a start right?)

(thank you)

More Later



4 thoughts on “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Me but Were Afraid to Ask

  1. Kristen got Diva before me. You have great funny stories about kids, Maggie, Iowa, Abby and Jo-Jo, your Dad, Tug McGraw, brothers and sisters, bleeding from knee wounds, the Pentatonix, and past choir directors. Every one relates to what’s happening in class on a particular day. Any movie that doesn’t have Chevy Chase in it may not be worth seeing unless it is Elf…Olive the other Reindeer…OK, I’ll stop. My suggestion is to not give them all 40 too quickly, keep ‘me wanting more. Too,Toi,Toi
    (My apologies to Zach for grammatical errors)

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