Take a Good Long Look

I was a busy gal yesterday.  I got so much done in my classroom.  I am posting a massive amount of a few pictures, so enjoy, or skip…whatever.


When I was in college my opera coach was German and in the opera houses of Germany pigs were given on opening night to wish someone good luck.  You would also say Toi Toi Toi which meant “on wood” like knock on wood. So over the years I have developed quite the collection of pigs.  People just assume it is because I am from Iowa, but now YOU know the real truth.  Bella drew the two pigs on the right when she was in elementary school.  I love my pigs.

IMG_1524I went to a convention and got this list of choral truths and a friend of mine put it on a poster.  As a choral conductor I love this list. (And as soon as I get back I will be adding a comma to #19, you are welcome Zach.)  I am realizing that my new colleague who has been so helpful is also an English teacher so…I better step up my grammar game.  The black dots are dry erase dots so we can change up the words of wisdom.

IMG_1525I have all of my quotes up on the walls.  I love quotes.

IMG_1527Here is my board for all the stuff I get in the mail for music programs and scholarships.  This was a white board that was completely unusable.  It was just old and stained.  I had plenty of white boards so I turned this into a “bulletin board” with some cork squares and a staple gun.

IMG_1529This is the board right as you walk in the door.  It will have information about school.  My student Alexi gave me this framed saying.  She said that she saw it and thought of me.  She was spot on…I love it.

IMG_1532This is standing at the back of the room facing forward.  I made the calendar from tape and just need to fill it in.

IMG_1530This is from the door.

IMG_1531This is my desk area.  The bulletin board next to the desk has all of my stuff like my diva items and some of my favorite quotes.

IMG_1533It also has this.  Some of my most treasured things are just scraps of paper with silly drawings.  It really is the little things.

I came across this Colbe Callait video the other day.  I watched the video with Bella and we both got a little teary eyed, ok I got a lot teary eyed.  It is a video about taking off your make up and not trying so hard to be what society wants you to be.  The take away I got was you are beautiful no matter what and as long as you like what you see in the mirror that is all that matters.

I wish so badly for people, including myself, to just be happy with who they are and what they look like perceived flaws and all.  I want all young women, and men, to be comfortable with themselves and not try so hard to look like what someone else thinks they should look like.

As I was looking for the video I came across some criticism for the video.  One blogger felt Ms. Callait was shaming people who like to put on make up and look nice, quite frankly I didn’t completely understand her point.  I thought about that for a minute.  I love dressing up and looking nice.  I love doing my hair and make up and putting on a nice outfit.  I don’t do those things for other people I do them for me. I am not one of those women who wouldn’t dream of walking out of the house without makeup.  I do that all the time.  If you are one of those women and that makes you feel good then by all means do it.  I don’t think Ms. Callait is telling you that you are wrong.  I appreciate this video because I have also been known to let that inner mean girl start talking to me about my perceived imperfections.  I want to be behind the message of shutting up those inner mean girls and anyone else who looks at you and only sees a face or a body.  Thankfully, I am married to a man who thinks I am beautiful when I put my face on and dress up or when roll out of bed, pony tail my hair, and leave the make up in the closet.

Here is the video.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.

Now go look in the mirror, really look at yourself.  Do you like what you see?  Do you like the person staring back at you?  I think if you look hard enough you will realize that you do.  If you don’t like that person give me a call I’ll convince you otherwise.

More Later


One thought on “Take a Good Long Look

  1. I get a little choked up seeing your quotes on another wall. Your room is now a warm inviting place for your students. An amazing transformation. Great work!

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