It is Really Happening

It is official.  I am starting a new teaching job.  I know this not because it is all I can think about.  Not because I have spent many hours getting my room ready.  I know this because I have starting dreaming about the first days of school.  You know the ones where you are running late and you can’t find your room.  Or when your class comes in for the first time they only speak Greek and you only speak Spanish. Ha ha. Mine have been more like since I don’t know my schedule yet that it is the first day and I have no idea what classes I am teaching and when.  I also had one the other night where I didn’t know any of my colleagues and I was holed up in my room all day. There will be many many more I am sure. Anyway. As you can see I spent all day Friday re-doing my blog.  It is now officially my website as the url is  I changed the look of it and added some pages.  Some of the pages will be for my choir students to come and answer questions and listen to examples and, well quite frankly, have an on-line community.  I figure if they are on the internet 90% of the time anyway I might as well influence them a little bit there and meet them where they are at.  Which is why I didn’t start a separate blog for them.  I would like them to be able to read a little bit about me too.  The only problem with this is, for those of you who follow my blog, every time I post an assignment or a topic of conversation for my choirs it will send you an email.  So feel free to unfollow me, it won’t hurt my feelings at all.  I encourage all of you to check out those pages too, you might find something interesting.  I plan on putting up videos of the kiddos singing as well. I also have a page called “It Takes a Village”.  This will be my wish list page of things I need for my classroom.  The list is kind of small at the moment, but as I dig in a little more I’ll figure out really what I need.  The big thing that is on there now is gift cards for JW Pepper which is a site that I use to buy music, of which I have none at the moment.  CHAMPS has my wish list budget and I am sure they will be able to give me a music budget, but it is gonna take a lot to get this music library going.  And I start in less than a month. YIKES. CHAMPS is buying me the electric keyboard that I requested.  A very generous, and awesome, friend is buying me a printer and my good friend Jesse is moving and gave me some shelves he build.  So I am on my way!!! If you care to donate check out that page it gives you ways to donate and how to get the tax benefits. Rich and I spent all day Saturday working in my room.  We brought my boxes over and picked up the shelves.  We worked our bums off.  I put up bulletin boards and unpacked boxes.  Rich moved furniture and hung bulletin boards. We got a lot done.  It is starting to look like my classroom.  I am headed over there today so I’ll take some more pictures. We had a family movie night in Malibu where we watched “Back to the Future”.  Oh my goodness it brought me back.  Love that movie. IMG_1513 However right now I am chomping at the bit to get back to my classroom, so to quote Biff…I am going to make like a tree and get out of here. (Can you tell I’m excited??) More Later Amy

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