Throwback Thursday – Sigh

Well yesterday’s birthday adventure was a big success.  We took Rich to his favorite place for dinner and then got him some gift cards to some of his favorite stores and handed him the cards as we drove to the place.  He was very surprised.

(and he now has a new drill to hang and move things in my classroom this weekend)

(Mama aint no dumb guy)

The final stop was home for some homemade carrot cake.

IMG_1495I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  I love baking things from scratch, especially when they actually taste and look pretty good.  Lots of leftovers so come on over for cake!!

So my throwback Thursday picture is one that I also look at quite often and it causes just a bit of heartache every time.

ry=400It was taken in March of 2004 at one of our beach days.  Bella was 3 1/2 and Andrew was 8 1/2.  I remember this day because it was a beautiful day all they did was run around the beach, and they were so happy.  All of my pictures from this day were them splashing in the water and digging on the beach.  She just followed him around all day, and he just played with her.

He was the sweetest and kindest big brother.  Andrew has always been very easy going and accommodating. He loved her so much.

She was a bit…uh…high maintenance.  She was just so darn curious and fearless and independent, but she loved him just as much.

They had been running around and he flopped down on the beach and she followed suit flopping down right next to him.

I love this picture because of the smile on Andrew’s face.  He is genuinely happy and not posed at all.

I love this picture because of the way she is looking at him with that smile.  She thought he hung the moon.

She thinks he hangs the moon.

I sometimes forget that there is someone else in this house that misses him as much as I do.

Thank you Andrew for being a sweet and kind human being, and an amazing big brother.

Thank you Bella for always being curious and fearless and independent and loving everyone so much.

More Later




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