Go Ahead and Grab Those Headphones Now

So today I get to go see my new classroom for the first time.  All the administrators and teachers that I have talked with tell me that it has a lot of potential and that it is pretty bare bones so I will have a lot to work with.


Nonetheless, I am super excited to finally get in there and take a look.  The choir room is a very important space for me.  I feel this room needs to be a special place where students look forward to coming and feels like a space they can escape too.

I can’t wait to see this room.

I have been thinking a lot about the what kind of student I will get this next year and I keep visualizing students who have a lot of talent, a desire to sing, and not much exposure to different types of vocal genres and singers.  Especially those guys.

Being a guy singer is a tough go sometimes.  Most of my middle school guy singers hated the idea that their voice sounded like a “girl” even though most of the singers on the radio have very high voices.  I like introducing my singers to lots of male voices both of years past and today.

So today I am going to share with you two singers, tenors to be exact.  The first one is one of my most favorite tenors of years past Jose Carreras.  He is singing the aria from Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma” from his opera Turandot.  This aria is a little bit of unrequited love as the tenor is in love with the princess, Turandot, but she is cold hearted and cruel.  He loves her anyway and is determined to win her love.  He tells her that if she can guess his name by morning then he will sacrifice his life.  My favorite line happens in the second section. He tells her that “my secret is hidden within me, none shall know my name, no! no! only on your mouth will I say it when the light shines”.  You hear him sing no no and then the word bocca (mouth) which is the highest and most dramatic point in that phrase.


I know you are super busy people.  But I am telling you if you truly grab those headphones and close your eyes and listen to this man’s voice singing about the women he loves who doesn’t love him back…yet, I guarantee that your day will be all the better for it.

The live aria kind of abruptly ends because it goes on to another section after this aria.

The next voice I want you to hear is my new latest obsession, Sam Smith.  He is this amazing tenor who is making quite a bit of radio airplay right now.  I highly recommend purchasing his new album.  Because that boy can sing.

This song “Lay Me Down” is a song about how much he misses the person he loves. I like the SNL performance the best, but all of his versions of this song are great.  His voice when on the line “can I lay by your side, next to you and make sure you’re alright” is so powerful each time he sings it.


Again for the love of all humanity grab those headphones and add a bit of joy and beauty to your day.

I am also embedding his song acoustic song “Latch”.  It is a true love song, and I am a huge sucker for a good love song.  His voice just captures the emotions of this song. “how do you do it, got me losing every breath, why did you kiss me to make my heart beat out of my chest?”



I am off to take a look at my potentially amazing  blank slate.

More Later


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