It’s About Time

Keepin’ it real update.  I did run this morning.  Surprisingly, because it was the LAST thing I wanted to do this morning.  I stayed up too late last night “working”.  I put that in quotes because when I sit down at my computer and look at everything piled around me I get a little shell shocked.  I just simply can’t think.  I have really great ideas when I have no place to jot them down.  Running, in the shower, driving in the car, laying in bed trying to fall asleep are all places where I get my best ideas, but when I sit down to actually work they get whirled right out of my spinning head.  So…I slept in until around 7:00 and so the run was a little rough.  My optimal running time is around 5:30.  Light enough to see where I am going but really cool.

Not today…sunny and hot. But when I turned that corner and faced that hill I was determined.  That hill was standing in the way of me getting to my iced coffee in the fridge plus I had Parrell in my ear telling me how happy I was.  Beyonce took me the rest of the way and the guy that popped out from under his car coincidentally as I was running by gave my heart the last little burst needed to get home.



In honor of Throwback Thursday I thought of this picture.  I sit and look at this picture everyday as it sits right by my computer.


It is one of my most favorite pictures of me and Rich.  I know that it is very dark and a little blurry but it brings me back to a place and time that I loved, and I am sharing the frame with the best boyfriend and husband a girl could ask for.  When I think of the people who I am blessed to have in my life he shares the very exclusive top of the long list.  So I thought it was about time to give him a blog post.

In this picture we are headed to Rich’s senior prom and I was a junior.  We were at his Aunt and Uncle’s house where he lived in West Des Moines, because his mom died when he was 12 and his dad died of a heart attack a couple of years earlier and his Aunt and Uncle were his and his two younger siblings guardians.  I love the way that Rich, who is at least a head taller than I am bent down to get his face really close to mine.  I love the smile on my face, as I recognize that smile as true bliss.

He was the best boyfriend in high school.  He was so kind and attentive and always made me feel like I was the only girl at the school.  He opened doors for me and always took care of me.  He was a big defensive lineman (or something like that) on the football team and sacked a lot of quarterbacks, but off the field he was as sweet as can be.  I felt adored and loved (even though I really didn’t know what that meant at the time).

I know that now.

Our brothers met by accident in Iowa and started the slow ball rolling with getting us, who both lived in California at the time, back together.  I was shocked that when we finally saw each other again after over 20 years how comfortable I felt around him.  We might not have known anything about each other, but we knew each other.

He is the best husband.  He is kind and attentive, and always makes me feel like I am the only woman in the room.  He opens doors for me and takes care of me.  He is a retired Navy man and worked a very stressful job, but at home he is a sweet as can be.  He talks me down from ledges and puts me on pedestals.  He makes me feel beautiful and loved and always adored.  Especially when he is mad at me or we are in the throws of a heated discussion he always takes care of me.

Not to mention how much he loves my kids and his.  For someone who didn’t have a dad for a good chunk of his life he managed to figure out how to be a good one.

Our life is perfect even when it isn’t, and trust me we have been through a lot.

I am the luckiest woman to have this mulligan with this wonderful man.

But don’t worry…he still leaves the cap off the toothpaste every now and then.

More Later


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