Back in the Saddle

IMG_1440We have officially kissed and made up.  I mean how long can I reasonably stay mad at purple running shoes.  It has been a week and it was time to go out and give it another go.  I celebrated the reunion by trying a new route that would allow me to run in the street a little more and avoid those cracks that tend to break this klutzy runner’s back.  This meant that I went on a longer run than usual which might not have been such a great idea as my banged up knee was aching a little towards the end.  I think that since it still is scrapped up a bit I have been babying it and I am sure on this run my stride might have been off due to trying to be careful.

See sometimes trying to be careful gets in the way.  It sure does with singing.  The more you try to do something that should be a natural event the more you get in your own way.

Long story short, I may have over done it a bit.  But I really don’t know what overdoing it means so that can’t be it.


Anyway this sight as I turned to head back home caught me off guard.

IMG_1439I don’t remember the going downhill part, but somehow I ended up in a gully and had to get out.  I am very well aware that the only way to get up a hill is to start, so up I went.  It really wasn’t all that bad, but my knee was kinda throbbing by then so you can give me a little sympathy.

It felt good to run again, but not as good as it felt to be home having the run behind me.  I don’t think I will ever LOVE running, but it is something I tolerate and that is good enough for me.

So my other big news of the day is….

My calculated risk paid off and I GOT A JOB!!!!

Starting in the fall I will be the Choral Director at CHAMPS Performing Arts Charter High School in Van Nuys, and I am thrilled.  When I saw this job I was extremely excited about the performing arts charter part but a little nervous about the Van Nuys part.  Let’s just say that Van Nuys isn’t the…uh…nicest part of Los Angeles.  This school serves the Los Angeles School District so its location is perfect for that need.  The drive from Simi Valley isn’t too bad and I only have to be on the 405 for 4 miles.

Those of you who know the 405 understand why I quantified the amount of time I will have to be on it.

This new job means a few things:

  1. I will be bringing home some of the bacon and frying it up in the pan.  (actually I don’t really like bacon and if I were to cook it it wouldn’t be in a pan after the Potato Pancake incident of 2014) But in other words I won’t have to be mooching off of my amazing husband next fall. (He will be so upset at me saying that)  But I am one who likes to be a contributor to things, so this is good.
  2. We have been having to eat outside the past few nights as my dining room table is now filled with every single book I own on choral teaching, every article I saved on choral teaching, and all of my copious notes have taken over the past 11 years on choral teaching, and an overwhelming amount of lists. This is how I roll.
  3. My inner mean girl has started to rear her ugly head. Will the kids like me?  Will I be able to make the changes they want made to the program?  Will I be a good public school choral teacher?  Deep down I do know the answers to these questions but she is very persistent.
  4. I am in total go mode.

Being on the hunt for a choral job has meant that I have had the opportunity to teach some sample classes.  For someone who loves to teach as much as I do and is facing not doing it, teaching these sample classes is like giving a shopaholic a $20 gift card to Nordstroms.  It is thrilling but it doesn’t last very long and leaves you aching for more.

I won the lottery.

Be warned inner mean girl and CHAMPS choral students I am back on my horse and coming at you with guns blazing.

More Later



2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. The students will be shocked at how much great music there is outside the world of pop. It will challenge them at first…you will have to invoke the ” you can’t tell me you don’t like it until after you perform it” rule. Bottom line, you are the best thing that they could have happen to them!

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