Throwback Thursday Kickin’ it Old School

Today is my brother Greg’s birthday and I thought I’d help him celebrate by throwing back to this picture: greg spongebob As some of you might remember my kids’ birthdays are a week apart in early August.  I would say that 90% of their birthdays were spent in Iowa.  We always travelled then as camp was done and school hadn’t started yet.  This also meant that the family parties that were thrown in their honor were always combined, and sometimes included mine which was the last week of July.  Poor kids.  Trust me I know the hardship of having a summer birthday. I love this picture because of the following reasons:

  • Greg is one of the best uncles I know.  He LOVES his nieces and nephews.  This is very obvious in this picture sporting the Sponge Bob party hat just for Bella.
  • Andrew was usually the one who had to compromise the most on what kind of cake we got and what our theme was.  He was the most easy going kid and this picture reminds me of how blessed I am to have him as a son.
  • The dog in the picture is the ever loved Elvis who passed away last year.  He was the best dog.  He loved the kids and, as you can see, had a high tolerance for tomfoolery.  Bella loved him especially.  I believe the next Halloween after this picture she dressed up like him.  You can imagine her pre-school teacher’s surprise when she shows up as a dog because for months leading up to the big day she told her teacher she was dressing up like Elvis.
  • Bella may have been a little more high maintenance but oh so worth it.  That smile of hers if just full of mischief and wonder, just like today.
  • The picture is taken in the dining room of my mom’s house.  A place that has held many dinners, celebrations, tears, laughter, endless games of trivial pursuit, and plain old family time.  I love this place and the people who frequent it, and the ghosts it houses.

Happy Birthday Greg thanks for being such an awesome uncle to my kids, and a great brother. Yesterday had some really great in-between moments.  We were going to go to the beach but it was foggy and over-cast most of the morning and early afternoon so the girls and I decided to see a movie.  We saw Chef.  I highly recommend it.  It is rated R but really only for language.  It is TOTALLY an Amy movie.  You see I am very particular about what movies I will see.  If I am going to shuck out a weeks salary to go to the movies I am going to go see one that makes me laugh and walk out feeling good.  I don’t want to see blood and guts and gore.  I don’t want to be reminded of how lucky I am to be alive and how hard some people’s lives are.  I don’t want to spend the entire movie crying my eyes out.  I can do ALL of those things for free by watching the news.  I really have a low tolerance for watching violence, it just upsets me too much.  I get teased that if Chevy Chase isn’t in the movie chasing a squirrel through the house, it is not for me.  I am not quite that bad, but almost.  This movie was a very feel good movie with lots of really good shots of food and food making.  It had one of my favorite actors Jon Favreau in it as well as my Modern Family diva Sofia Vergara. Talk about kickin’ it old school…the girls and I also started this yesterday: puzzle Yep, a good old fashioned puzzle.  You all can have your Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Farm-ville, 2048.  This darn thing will take my attention in a heart beat.  Once I start I have a hard time stopping.  I have always loved puzzles and I am assuming it stems from spending weeks during the summer at my Grandma’s house in Burlington Iowa.  If you need me and can’t find me I’ll be sitting at the card table now taking up space in my family room. My last little bit of kickin’ it old school fun today is trying to learn the lyrics to Rapper’s Delight by the Sugar Hill Gang, on our way home from dinner last night.  I mean this is 1979 old school .  The surprising thing is that Bella knows most of the lyrics to this 14 minute rap song, and spent the entire car ride home trying to teach them to me. Honey, it is going to take more than one car ride home for this to happen. It is the kind of rap song that I love as it has no bad words in it and doesn’t talk of sex or killing people.  I have included two versions today for your listening pleasure. This one is the original with the lyrics so you can rap along.

This other one is done by Jimmy Fallon and cracks me up.  He takes clips from Brian Williams’ newscasts and edits them together so it seems like Brian is rapping the song.
I promise you if you listen to either of this songs right now it will make your day a little happier. And my mission will be accomplished. More Later Amy

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