Full Confession

I am getting a late start this morning.  I am going to blame it squarely on the fact that since I am a stomach sleeper and have two scraped up knees that I didn’t get much sleep.

Yeah, that sounds good.

Well, since my just-call-me-Grace move yesterday my knee is a bit swollen so I am banished to planks and sit-ups for awhile.  I did take a long walk this morning and it felt pretty good.

In case you were wondering, and I am most certain you were, I did decide to wear the cute dress I had picked out yesterday.  I wasn’t going to let a few scrapped knees keep it in the closet.

Truth be told I just wanted to wear the cute shoes I got the dress to go with.  Most people buy shoes to go with clothes I, however, buy clothes to go with shoes.  I fully admit that have a bit of a shoe fetish.  I mean I am no Imelda Marcos, but I do like shoes.  My frugal side keeps this love somewhat at bay.  So I had these cute shoes that I finally found a dress for and so I wore it.

So there.

Another thing that I fully admit about myself is I think I can do anything.  From building fences, to lifting heavy objects, to fixing toilets, to opening tough to open jars.  If something needs to be done I will gladly volunteer.  I am almost positive I get this attribute from my father and my brothers have it too, and I am just as positive that it drives all of our spouses a little crazy.  I will full admit that sometimes that job is more than I can handle, but that confession usually happens very deep into irreversible damage.

Yesterday, as I was vacuuming, I heard the dreaded thud and sudden stopping of the vacuum.  I realized very quickly that I had sucked up something that wasn’t supposed to be sucked up.  I suddenly had a flash back to what I will call the Dirt Devil debacle of 2009.  Back then I decided that I could take apart the $40 canister vac after it completely stopped working and see what was wrong.  I am not sure what I was expecting when I got it all taken apart, but I was sure that I would recognize the problem and with my Philips head screwdriver in hand, fix it.

20 minutes later this is what I had accomplished:

dirt devil

I realized at that moment that indeed I had no idea what I was doing, and that I most certainly was not going to fix that vacuum cleaner, and really no idea how to get it back together.  My desire to get it done was now in the garbage along with 75 pieces of a Dirt Devil canister vac.

However yesterday, you’ll be happy to know,  I prevailed!!!  (And this vacuum is more in the $400 dollar range so the stakes were even higher)  I took apart the bottom and discovered that the object shockingly made it up into the tube.  So I read the instructions on how to take apart the tube and managed to get the O ring unscrewed despite my badly scrapped hands and ignoring my throbbing knees as I was sitting on the floor.

I was determined.

As usual.

I saw that the object was one of Bella’s socks and it was stuck in the base of the vacuum.  With the Philips head screwdriver I started to dig at the sock.  However, Philip let me down and I couldn’t get it dislodged.  So I grabbed my scissors and with my iPhone flashlight in my mouth started to try to grab said sock.  Scissors are not really very good a grabbing and all I seemed to be doing was cutting up the sock.  My next course of action included finding the needle nose pliers only to discover that they were long enough to fit in the tube but too wide to actually open up to grab the sock.

I was already 30 minutes into the dissection, and I was not going to let that pink hedgehog sock get the best of me.  I WASN’T.

I kept trying to grab that sock and inch it up the tube finally I took the scissors, pulled it up as far as I could, and grabbed the now shredded shard with the needle nose pliers and voila I pulled the sock out.

Victory was mine, and thankfully no on was home to see or hear my victory cry and subsequent victory dance.

Take that Dirt Devil.

What was my reward you ask?

I got to finish vacuuming the house.

I think maybe some shoe shopping is warranted.

More Later


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