Miscellaneous Monday

First of all I must say that I spelled miscellaneous right the first time.

If that bit of information doesn’t properly introduce my post on miscellany nothing will.

I got up and ran this morning.  I wasn’t as fast as I was on Friday, but I got something done.  I also did some core exercises.  I never really re-strengthened my ab muscles after my surgery so my core isn’t very strong.  And we all know that a strong core is important.

But I hate doing ab work.

As I was sitting at the kitchen table ruing planks I look up at the mantle of my fireplace (which for whatever reason is in the dining room) and I see this:

nick cage

I know a little startling.

Yes, my daughter has replaced her face on her 8×10 school picture with that of Nicholas Cage.

***shrugging shoulders***

I am telling you my daughter cracks me up.  Seriously she keeps everyday of my life fun and interesting, and that is not an understatement.  She has been doing that since I can remember.  One Christmas morning when Bella was 6 or 7 we were all opening presents and she gasped and pointed at the fireplace and ran over and pulled out a bit of red material with some tufts of white on it.  She said “Oh my Santa WAS really here”.  All the adults in the room smiled and started looking around at each other trying to discern which one of us was the sneaky one.  As we all very quickly figured out that none of did it we looked back at Bella who was sitting there quietly watching all of this with a sly grin and finally admitted that she did it.

I have a million more stories like this.

She is one of my most favorite people.

The only issues I have with Nick Cage being on my fireplace is well…it is kinda creepy and she probably did this while she was supposed to be working on her Health class homework.

That is nothing unusual.  Most of her most creative drawings are on homework pages.

I need to bite the bullet and really get her Photo Shop.  She took a digital media class last semester and did some really great projects with Photo Shop.  I’ll have to post some.  I think I would like it too, just so darn expensive and I have NO idea which Photo Shop product to get.  Any suggestions would be great. Although I may have lost all 6.5 of  you at this point in the post.

I am a coffee snob.  I love really good coffee.  I only have one (or two) cups a day but it has to be really good coffee with half and half and a little sweetener.  My husband being the good retired Navy air traffic controller, likes Folgers, black, and could drink it all day.  He will gladly drink the “good stuff” if he is making coffee for me, but is just as happy with the cheap stuff.

As you can imagine my coffee habit is a little more expensive than his.  I especially like iced coffee and as I understood, it was a little harder to make than just pouring brewed coffee over ice.  So this weekend I decided to try to make my own iced coffee and vanilla syrup.

vanilla iced coffee

Here is the recipe for the iced coffee and the recipe for the vanilla simple syrup.  Now please realize I have some time on my hands and I love doing this kind of stuff so don’t judge my crazy commitment to iced coffee.  The first cup was a little strong which means I might be re-roofing the house today, but I think I finally got the ratio correct.

iced coffee

Yes I realize and embrace the irony of my cup choice.

Unfortunately, my daughter has taken to my taste in iced coffee and constantly frets that she stunting her growth by drinking it.

At least she’ll be short and funny.

If  you happened to stick around for this entire pointless post I will leave you with one more picture.


My Aunt Nancy was visiting my mom and posted this picture on Facebook.  She is standing in the front yard of my mom’s house.

This is one of my happy places and I can’t wait to go visit.

I can only hope this cleared the vision of my daughter as Nicholas Cage.

You’re welcome.

More Later



One thought on “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. Hi Amy. You can buy photoshop at an education discount using your teacher ID or a student ID. Go to adobes website and follow their instruction. I think it’s still pricy…maybe $250-300? Or I highly recommend photoshop elements for $100 or less. It does almost all of what PS can do and for a lot cheaper. A great skill to have in life. I seriously use it everyday. Hope that helps

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