For the Love of All Humanity Just Be Nice

If we are being completely honest with each other, and I hope we are, yesterday was not my best day.  I think the not having a job thing caught up to me.

I have always said I am a better teacher than I am a stay at home mom and yesterday proved it.  When I was at work I got to interact with students and some really great adults.  When I am at home my interaction is limited to vacuum cleaners and junk drawers.  I do love being with the girls but, lets be honest, their friends and youtube videos are way more exciting than good old mom.

I get it.

Now to be totally honest Bella has been trying to keep good old mom company and we have scheduled T.V. Tuesday where we watch New Girl and various movies, and today will be our first Wednesday Beach Day.  We are headed to Pt. Mugu Family Beach (just another perk of having a military husband).

I just missed people yesterday.  I missed being a teacher.

This means I am going to try to get out next week and go see some of the people I am missing.  So beware.  I am going stir crazy.

In my funk yesterday I had to go pick up Bella’s summer school books.  So I went into the office and two younger ladies were working the pick up station; a blond and a brunette.

I promise this isn’t going to turn into a politically incorrect joke I am just trying to discern between the two ladies working.  I also need a lesson on the use of colons and semi-colons.

The brunette was helping the lady in front of me so the blond asked me for my slip.  She handed me my book and some packets.  I started looking through my stuff to make sure I understood what I was getting.  The brunette was done with the lady in front of me and turned to me.  I started asking her some questions and she said to me, as she was rolling her eyes, “Now just hold on”.


She then turned to the blond and said “Next time would you PLEASE hand ME the books instead of them” with a very snarky tone.


I could just feel the embarrassment of the blond.  My heart went out to her.

Anyone who knows me knows that I CANNOT stand people being disrespectful to each other.  In fact I take disrespect to me better than I take witnessing disrespect to someone else.

I don’t tolerate it in my classroom.  My students know that one quick way to get me to put on my angry eyes and use my mommy voice is to show disrespect to someone else.  It is simply unacceptable. I mean c’mon being mean to others does no one any good.  It makes you look ugly and makes the other person feel bad.

I don’t care if you have to fake it JUST BE NICE.

I am not saying avoid conflict I am saying that you need to do it with respect.

All the brunette had to do was, first of all wait until I left, and then say to the blond “I think it would be best if we explained the material we are giving out before we hand it to the customer, what do you think?”

Simple.  Nice.  Kind.  Human.

OK to nicer subjects


So today is my beautiful step-daughter Sarah’s birthday.  She is sixteen…sigh.

I really hope that she isn’t inadvertently throwing some kind of gang sign, but I guess my bigger worry should be if one of my blog readers knows it is a gang sign.

Turning sixteen means all the things that you, who are parents, are thinking the least of which being that she is in the throws of learning to drive.

Now she, and I, am very lucky that her dad is an air traffic controller and is as cool as a cucumber under pressure because teaching someone to drive is most definitely not my strong suit.  Something comes out in me that I am not particularly proud of and I am only sitting in the back seat pounding the floor with my foot and smacking my hand on the door.

Just too much for me.

We will get through it I am sure.

So we asked Sarah what she wanted to do for dinner on her birthday, I could cook something or we could go out for dinner.  She didn’t hesitate for a second and said Souplantation.


I am a great chef.  I can make sushi for goodness sake and she chooses Souplantation??

Now I realize that this is HER birthday and she gets to pick, but this restaurant isn’t my favorite place AT ALL.  In general I don’t like buffets as either I do them justice and feel so sick afterwards or I don’t do them justice and waste money, plus the food isn’t all that tasty.  However, Souplantation is my kids most favorite place to eat.  They know it isn’t mine so they usually talk Rich into taking them when I am not home for dinner.


I got this picture when I was in Santa Barbara in February.  I think they got their money’s worth that night.  My Bella maybe tiny but she can hold her clam chowder and chocolate bread (pretty sure it is some kind of rye bread but ever since she was little she called really dark bread chocolate bread…works for me)

So Souplantation it is…at least I have coupons.

As we speak I have a red velvet cake in the oven and cream cheese frosting ready to go, so at least we will have a good dessert.

After the chocolate bread of course.

More Later


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